One of the largest challenges of small towns across America is providing First Responder services for their citizens. Fire services. EMT. Rescue Squads. These are expensive endeavors that small villages struggle to afford.

Unlike large cities or suburbs, Sharon Springs simply doesn’t have a tax base large enough to pay for fire engines and staff. So we depend on volunteers and fundraisers to keep us safe. If (God forbid) either the farm or mercantile ever caught fire, we would literal call on volunteer neighbors to battle the blaze. Likewise for any health emergencies.

This year, Garth Roberts, (co-owner of the American Hotel and husband of Mayor Doug,) conceived of an organized 4 mile run/walk to raise money for Sharon Springs First Responders. As a marathon runner himself, Garth has been active in raising money for First Responders following last year’s Boston tragedy.

Check out our photos of this exciting event, which raised over $3000 to keep our village safe. It’s yet another great example of how the people of Sharon Spring work together to help out their neighbors. If you’re a frequent visitor to Sharon Springs, and you’d like to help Sharon Springs purchase some firefighting equipment, the Fire Department would welcome your contribution. Checks can be made payable to the Sharon Springs Fire Department, and mailed c/o The American Hotel, 192 Main Street, Sharon Springs, NY 13459

by Josh and Brent

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Centralia Heart

My husband is on the Olive Fire Dept, I am on the ladies auxiliary. People do not realize that volunteer firefights pay for the texts they get with directions to the scene. These heros use their own gas and vehicles to respond in even the worst weather conitions. Sometimes the pager goes off at 3:30am and steve doesn’t get home until 5:30am, he grabs an hour of sleep and then goes to work. These men and women put themselves on the front line of danger to keep us, our homes and our pets safe. They are heros!


Thank you for enlightening those in America who believe all emergency service personnel are paid.

Randy B

It was a great race, team Canada followed behind team Beekman, until the last hill! Brent and Josh took off. Can’t wait for next year! Plus greeting old friends and buying a few things at the Beekman shop made for a perfect day!


The feeling of a community coming together like that !!!! I sure do miss that ….
All the best

Monica H.

That’s my kind of run! May have to put this on my bucket list for next year!


When I read about Sharon Springs it makes me want to move there. My husband is on our small town volunteer fire department/ first responder and I am on an auxillery for the department. We are called the Flamettes. It feels great to help out your neighbors.