Klaus is just going crazy over the tomatoes this year.  And like every year, he grows more tomatoes than he can possibly use on salads, with freshly pulled mozzarella cheese and with BLT’s.  I wouldn’t go far enough to say that he is tired of tomatoes, but his little ceramic stomach is showing a bit of stretching.  But what should you do with all those juicy tomatoes?  Roast them of course.  But isn’t roasting just like cooking except for the use of a higher temperature?  Perhaps yes, but roasting the tomatoes is not the only thing that Klaus has up his little ceramic sleeve.  Klaus has Vietnam on his little ceramic mind.  In fact, Klaus has a fifth of really lovely vodka from Purity in Sweden in his little ceramic hand.  Ah Klaus, how did you find out about Purity Vodka?  It seems that he found out because he was rooting around in the liquor cabinet the other day and his little ceramic eyes spotted a bottle that looked like a cut crystal.  But as Klaus knows, there is more to liquor than just the look of the bottle.

(Or the label for that matter.)

Purity Vodka is one of Klaus’s favorite brands of vodka.  Klaus is traditionally not known for his love of that spirit known as vodka, but Purity is different than the plethora of flavored vodkas that spoil the view at the liquor store.  It is just fantastic when mixed with anything that says roasted tomato and also with chili sauce.

Klaus was seen over at the nearby Vietnamese restaurant in Florham Park, NJ recently.  It’s named Viet Ai.  One of the dishes that get Klaus’s attention and the satisfaction of his stomach is made with crispy beef; soused with sweetly caramelized garlic chips, hot chili pepper flakes and charming, yet zesty onion slices.

This dish is remarkable in flavor and perks up even more with the Sriracha chili sauce that comes in the clear bottle sitting on every table.  Klaus, in his own language started demanding that we roast some of the tomatoes that were piled up in the basket by the door.  Roast them?  Absolutely we will.

Here is how Klaus roasts tomatoes for his Bloody Mary with Sriracha Chili Sauce.


Slice tomatoes in half- you will need about 5 pounds of garden ripe tomatoes roasted and then roughly pulped in a mortar and pestle to make this drink.

Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees

Sprinkle halved tomatoes with sea salt

Put a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet

Scatter some good olive oil on the parchment paper

Place the halved tomatoes on the sheet of parchment paper

Roast for 15 minutes at 400 degrees then drop heat down to 275 for an hour or more until melted


Click here and follow the directions to make a most lovely Roasted Tomato and Sriracha Chili Bloody Mary Cocktail!




by Warren

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