As many of you know, we take advantage of the slower winter months to do a lot of our business travel. This past week we’ve been to New York City, Minneapolis and North Carolina. In NYC we went to what the PR industry calls “desksides.” We carried a suitcase around to all the big magazine editors to talk about our wares in hopes that they’ll write a story about them. We visited every major beauty editor you can think of. It does feel a little funny to walk into Vogue wearing our farm clothes when everyone else is wearing couture. But maybe they’ll think we’re just more fashion forward than they are. If you see faded plaids and crumply jeans on the runways next year, you can thank us.

Minneapolis is the home to Evine. Whenever you see us on TV, we’re there. Many people ask how we transport our goats to the studios, and while we try to explain while we’re on air some folks miss that part. It would be too stressful for our goats to travel that far. (And too expensive! They insist on First Class.) So we work with Goat Shine Farm, a wonderful family farm in Glencoe MN. It’s great to have fellow farmers to chat with when we’re on the road. And even better when they share their farm’s bounty…this last trip they also brought us some of their homemade frozen goat milk custard. Plus, they raise mostly Nigerian Dwarf goats (a breed that John doesn’t have) so we even get to meet new kinds of goats. Diversity is great in all species.

Finally, we’re writing this from Randleman, North Carolina – Brent’s hometown – where we’re visiting his family. Brent’s lucky enough to still have three living grandparents, so every chance we get to see them, we do. (They say “hello” to you all.) We’re staying at his mom’s house, which is on a piece a property right next to where Brent’s great grandparents used to farm. Their small house and tobacco barn are still standing, though just barely. Both will probably fall down in the next few years. (The property is no longer owned by the family.) It’s a beautiful place. Lace curtains still hang in the glass-less windows. You can see out over the fields from the front porch. They raised everything from peanuts to potatoes to dairy cows on the farm, and each weekend they would load up their truck and drive into the “city” to sell their wares.

Kinda like us carrying our suitcases full of goods around NYC.

Guess things don’t change as much as we think they do.

Lucky for all of us.

by Aray Till

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Hyacinth Hendrickson

I’m so very sad to see you go off air…. even if I don’t personally know you, I love you both. I am from the island of Trinidad and was watching you both on Evine when a fellow Trini living in New York called in… it really is a big small world… and we’re really all connected… and there is love in this world….and kind neighbors….
My first purchase was last Christmas… “unfreakingbelievable”…
My birthday is January so my horoscope sign is Capricorn – as represented by the “goat”…yes we are connected in many ways and really have more in common than we have different…
Stay humble, continue to work hard… best wishes to you both… I’m truly happy to be your neighbor…love always – Hyacinth

Mrs Susan LaVoe

Feb 3`2018

Dear Josh…

Just finished reading your book “The Bucolic Plague”. I hated to finish the book! It was truly WONDERFUL, & I LOVED it! I feel like I know you two.. I hope you have time, to continue to write…you sure have a gift!

Just ordered Fresh Air Bath Soaps, from Evine… Lovely scent, but “drying” to my face..Do you think it`s the citrus oil in the soap? Really, my face is more moisturized with Dial Glycerin Soap. I love the fact there`s goat milk in the product, but I don`t like the dryness. Any suggestions??

Karen L. Kohan

Learned about you guys the first time you were on Evine and have been watching (and a huge fan) ever since. Your stories are so enjoyable. I particularly loved the book Josh wrote which was included with this past year’s Bounty Box – it was witty and heartwarming and a joy to read. I keep spreading the love with your products and thank you for all your hard work and kindness to everyone – God Bless!

Kristine, Dallas

Great blog entry! Happy and safe travels this winter season. And as always, grateful to be your neighbor! XO

Stephanie Robertson

Hi Neighbor.I just wanted you to know how much I love all of your products.I am thrilled that I happened one day to turn on Evine and I have been in love with you both ever since.I was a soapmaker for about fifteen years making organic soaps.In 2013,I became I’ll and could not make my soaps or creams any more.I was in critical condition and in need of a liver transplant.When you are in renal failure your organs are shutting down and your skin becomes very dry and dark.I feel very blessed to have received a new liver.While in rehab I discovered your products and love them all.I have your bounty boxes,wipes,creams,soaps,etc.I’ve introduced my friends and family to Beek!man as well.My skin looks and feels beautiful. Thank you Brent and Josh.

Stephanie Robertson

Hi Neighbor.I just wanted you to know how much I love all of your products.I am thrilled that I happened one day to turn on Evine and I have been in love with you both ever since.I was a soapmaker for about fifteen years making organic soaps.In 2013,I became I’ll and could not make my soaps or creams any more.I was in critical condition and in need of a liver transplant.When you are in renal failure your skin becomes vp

Nancy Nichols

I cannot tell you how the two of you have made a believer of me. It is so redundant for you to hear over and over how much everyone loves your products, as I do too. However, I want to add that watching and learning when you are on Evine is a triple treat. Your products, the research and educational offerings and your wonderful selves are worth every moment. I record all episodes and buy new and established products.

The hand lotion healed my sore, cracked nurses’s hands. For that alone, I sing your praises.
Thanks for the character qualities you display each and every time you are on air……honesty, integrity, kindness, love, etc., etc. Thank you for being you!


Did you take a picture of the Nigerian Dwarf Goats (I think that’s what you called them). I would love to see one.

P.S. Just got my order for Goat Milk bath bar. I also use it to wash my hair with. I have quite using shampoo with all their chemicals.

I love my soap for both reasons.

Rodney Parker

Loving your products! Used the laundry soap for the first time this past weekend and wow! I like.

Lori Battista

For Christmas this year I bought everyone many of your products……and I even splurged on some for myself. I have followed both of your careers, and am thrilled to pieces to see you’ve succeeded beyond I’m sure even your expectations. Your products are superb. The soaps are wonderful and not harsh as some products I have purchased. The lip balms, the lotions, have been superior. I also love that they are made in the USA!!!! Just an added bonus. Keep up the fine work that you do.


Love Love Love my Beekman! Totally obsessed with the pure goat milk body cream and Fresh Air soap. So excited for Fresh Air body cream! Ordered 4 on Evine this week !
Can’t wait for my delivery.. Also, thank you Josh for the book I received in my bounty box for Christmas. Great Read, my husband liked it too. Want to visit the farm! Will never go back to regular soap again! Beekman from head to toe in New Jersey!

Susan Las

Really enjoyed hearing about your travels,so happy you got yo see family in N.C.Pictures were wonderful too.My favorite scent is the Vanilla,but love love love my new Bohemia spray,will be my signature scent..thank you!continued success.

Vicki Madden

Thank you, neighbor for sharing your trip pics and also info about your family. Love you guys.
Vicki Madden in little ol Knob Noster, Mo.


Loved watching on evine.beekma n bowl loved. Can’t wait to revive order my husband ordered for first beekman s. For Valentine’s the baby 🐐.New joke here.daughter says she will buy small farm so I can have baby 🐐. She only has Winn lottery first. God bless josh ad and brent


I enjoy watching you on t.v. and I love seeing the babies with you they are so cute and I do enjoy watching the goat cam. I have never order any of you items for when you live on a tight budget it is hard to spend on special things. Keep up the good work thanks Kathy

Joan Louise

You know if I had Deep Pockets and I was able to buy the farm in North Carolina I would we need to save our farm lands before Corporation comes in there and sweeps it up and build a Walmart please dear God listen to my prayer have somebody that has good values and morals and ethics in business sense by that farm and keep it preserved in the original state it was supposed to be in tend to be

Doris Stevens

Please consider adding the Snow Forest soap to the permanent assortment, it is wonderful!
Very similar fragrance to the Frasier Fir candle we all love here in Minnesota, and which is impossible to find in December. Your Snow Forest scent is a winner, perhaps you could rename it
To something less seasonal sounding? Thanks! Doris Stevens

PS my daughter, Andrea Stevens, is one of your best customers, we all got Beekman items for
The holidays.


I agree – I’ll be so sad when my Snow Forest soap reaches the end of its long life. I’ve already run out of the body’s cream and I miss it so much!

Janice Conover

Love your products!! Been following you both since your Animal Planet days😋 Congrats on your success with truly wonderful products. Your store is inspirational also. The goat soap works so well on this 68 y.o. skin . Best of health & success to you both , from an admiring nurse 😁😁

B. R.

I always enjoy these messages from the Boys. Love historical farms, too, and the stories they have to tell.

Great products, wonderful magazine and terrific cook books (I think I have them all!).

Mary Overman

Lucky for all of us, indeed. Thanks so much for this article. I really love hearing about the farming heritage in families. I live in rural SW Michigan, and I have seen so many (too many) old wood barns finally collapse. Keep your articles coming. You guys are The Best and I never tire of hearing about your adventures on this earth! 🙂

Deborah Verderosa

Love you guys! I like the stories and the fact that you are so approachable. Products are awesome.

Linda Piper

Hi Josh and Brent, Because I am to shy to talk on the air with you both….I NEVER EVER miss a show……luv ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS that I have tried so far… FAVORITE is the vsnilla….followed closely by the snow forest……What I think is the VERY MOST helpful and a great way for us neighbors to get to familiarize ourselves with the many scents…….is when you offered the smaller size soap bars in a “sampler” set……..I enjoyed that so very much…..then we would know our favorites. I cannot wait for the end of March and see what the Floral scents will be……maybe….fingers crossed or an idea for your chore list…..a Trio of the 3 scents in a TOP VALUE??? Or just an offering of that item. Please know that YOU HAVE DONE YOUR JOB. ….not only a wonderful product….but I am so happy and smiling thru all your shows…..and the BEEKMAN BOWL and those newborn babies was a HOOT! TOUCHDOWN!!!!! Linda Piper


I love you guys


So nice that you guys share your travels, and family experiences…I love that! I also wondered how you two travel to Evine, and where you lodge? You go there quite you maybe have a little condo, or something?? I would imagine between the trip, and long days at Evine, you guys must get a bit tired. Glad you went to N.YC
bring us MORE beauty…I love all your beauty line. Very best to both of you!!

joanne dudek



wonderful travel stories!

The barn has already fallen on the family homestead in our family. The old house will probably be next. Loved seeing those photos on IG. Brings up memories of my family’s farming heritage.