Aaah, lavender. Just thinking about it relaxes us. We grow several different varieties on the farm, and after many years of testing different locations, we’ve found perfect spots for them to thrive and survive our coldest winters. Nearly forty plants within the mint family are technically classified as lavender, and the colors range from the common purple, to white, to pink, to blue…there’s even a yellow violet.

We’ve all heard that lavender make us relax, but it also has a whole host of other benefits, from skincare to culinary.

Stress? What Stress?

Perhaps the easiest and most powerful way to use lavender is to rub a few drops of lavender essential oils onto your temples and other pulse points. The aroma alone can sooth the mind and body by relieving anxious thoughts and balancing your mood. It’s even been shown to help alleviate headaches.

Soothe Irritation

If you have sensitive skin that seems to erupt in rashes every other day, mixing a few drops of lavender essential oil in with your regular moisturizer can help calm it. (However, people with sensitive skin also have many allergic reactions, so be sure to test a little bit on a patch of skin before slathering it all over.) 

Wash Your Worries Away

We add a few drops of lavender oil to our washing machine and dryer balls when washing our sheets and pillow cases. It helps us drift off to sleep with less cares…and no need to count baby goats.  

Zap Zits

Forty-some years old and we’re STILL waiting for our skin to clear up permanently. Lavender is an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory, which means that it helps to kill bacteria that causes acne, and heals the skin so breakouts don’t leave behind any scars. Simply dab a few drops of lavender essential oil onto those pesky bumps, and watch the magic happen. If full-strength oil is too strong,  (remember, skin test!), dilute a few drops with witch hazel on a cotton ball or cleansing cloth and gently apply to the little buggers. 

Buzz Off

Suffering from a bug bite? A bit of lavender oil can help reduce the swelling and minimize itching. Because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, it also helps to soothe wounds and reduce the development of scar tissue.

L’Ingrédient Secret

Josh learned a lot of his cooking skills from his french uncles. Arthur & Bob lived in Provence, which is probably the region most famous for incorporating lavender into its cuisine. Whenever you’re using typical french herb blends – savory, marjoram, rosemary, thyme and oregano – in your cooking, try adding a little ground lavender. A little goes a long way though. Add too much and your dish will taste like a lingerie sachet. (A bit of lavender is also great in dessert recipes…pound cakes, custards & fruit fillings.

by Dr. Brent

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Ellen Krol

I love your Light as Air Eye Cream! And I think you are the best! Love your magazine too! Always full of good food and great articles!! And I love vicariously traveling with you two on your trips! My dream is to come and visit you on the farm! Thank you for always cheering me up!

Andreae Brant

A good idea for aiding in promoting sleep is to make it a household rule not to make or take phone calls after 8pm. Talking keeps your mind from relaxing and often times stressful conversations can set your nerves on edge. Put the phone back in the cradle or plug it in to recharge and forget about it until the next morning.


Seriously? You are both leaving Evine?
That was probably the only reason I would watch Evine. I love you both and your sincerity is palpable. I live in Alaska( yes, it is the least place I will get your amazing products😂) there are two small shop who carries only very few of your! Can you get a catalog out and PLEASE ship to Alaska! Im going to miss you and so is my skin.

Heidi Meka

Hi Patricia! First…be sure to sign up for our e-mail newsletter so that you can stay up to date on all of the happenings at the farm! Second, we DO ship to Alaska. Contact Neighbor Services 888.801.1802 x1 if you need help placing an order. Have a wonderful day!


Hello Brent, Stephanie here in Palm Beach, we met with Parker Ladd, who has since passed away. Just wanted to let you know we are trying a lavender spray to keep mosquitos away. Being the tropics it is a constant. Lavender is not good on light bulbs (they explode), like the orange oil, or grapefruit squeezed rind, just thought I would share, love the scent as it is calming for a gathering in a room before a meeting or conference. (fund raising)
Best to you and Josh, (who needs to write another book, he is brilliant too),
stephanie (one of your biggest fans)

Marlena Vega

I LOVE your products. I have been with you from the start. I have every soap scent you have created. I single-handedly inspired several dozens to convert to your soaps. My bathroom closet is loaded with your soaps. I am obsessed. I always had great skin, but now my whole body gets washed and pampered in it. I take it everywhere. My only request is that you create a travel soap container. Thank you,Love you!