Since so many of you enjoyed viewing our compilation of the 1988 BBC series “The Victorian Kitchen Garden,” we thought we’d put together a page for the sequel series, “The Victorian Kitchen.” In this eight part series, we meet a cook named Ruth Mott, who, in her youth, was a kitchen maid in a prominent English household. She’s given the task of restoring a historic Victorian kitchen for the sake of recreating meals that would have traditionally been served. Like its predecessor series, it’s a fascinating display of how much effort went into sustaining such opulent households, and a reminder of how much homemaking knowledge we’ve lost over the years.

Back to help Ruth is charming gardener Harry Dodson, from “The Victorian Kitchen Garden” . The interactions between Ruth and Harry are sweetly nostaligic, and a highlight of the series.

Again, the series’ DVD doesn’t seem to be available for purchase in the U.S., so the following links are to YouTube.

The Victorian Kitchen, Episode 1: Introduction


The Victorian Kitchen, Episode 2: Breakfast


The Victorian Kitchen, Episode 3: Luncheon


The Victorian Kitchen, Episode 4: Afternoon Tea


The Victorian Kitchen, Episode 5: Dinner


The Victorian Kitchen, Episode 6: Supper


The Victorian Kitchen, Episode 7: The Dinner Party


The Victorian Kitchen, Episode 8: Picnics


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  • By: lara

    Please re-upload the victorian kitchen somewhere (maybe not youtube = copyright nazis). I found a torrent download of it, but it has no seeders!! I am desperate to re-watch this show. It was so wonderful. thank you!!

  • By: rose

    please brig back victorian kitchen and where can i get the video

  • By: Amanda Lutterman

    YouTube as of today has blocked these videos =(
    I was in the middle of watching them and then it suddenly froze, reloaded the page and I got a message saying the videos were removed due to copyright claims =(

  • By: christelle

    Hi, lovely serie. Any idea what’s the name of the mushroom they grow and use in the second episode?

  • By: John H Bradley

    Josh, I really enjoyed this series. I found it inspiring, comforting, and extremely educational. I’m very fond of the Victorian era, and had always wondered what went on in a Victorian kitchen. This inspired me to obtain a copy of Mrs. Beeton’s Cookery Book (circa 1912) from a bookseller in England. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • By: Jessi

    Absolutely Loved it! Sad it's over really. I continue to be fascinated by the Victorian practices and methods for every day living. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • By: carol derry

    Thanks so much for this series and the Victorian KItchen Garden. I am both a passionate gardener and cook. What a treasure of ideas and facts! I really could not get enough of this feast for the eyes.

  • By: Silvia

    Absolutely loved these videos! Thanks so much for posting them.

  • By: Patty

    These folks also do Wartime Kitchen and Garden. They have published a book for both shows. Both books are fascinating and delve deeper into the subjects.

  • By: Ken Newman

    Any chance of a claret cup being served at the next garden party?

    I'm actively seeking one of those strawberry bomb molds.

  • By: Kathleen

    Absolutely wonderful! Thanks you for sharing such a unique piece. It certainly gives one inspiration and food for thought.

  • By: Sharon Hladky

    The The Victorian Kitchen, was just wonder to watch and learn new things. I also have a book called Practical Housekeeping,printed in 1886. awesome book.

  • By: Donna

    Just Wonderful….like having something wonderful to eat that you wished just went on forever….

  • By: Cathy Turner

    Have you read Beeton's Book of Household Management? The recipes vary from horrifying to wonderful.

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