There are as many ways of cooking scrambled eggs “correctly” as there are chefs in this world. Some insist that you must start with a blazing hot pan, some lecture that adding additional liquid will make eggs rubbery, some claim that the secret to perfect scrambled eggs is in the wrist movement.

I think they’re all nuts.

There’s only one way to make perfect scrambled eggs…

The easy way.

I’ve tried nearly every possible technique and add-in. And I’ve learned that, really and truly, the simplest, laziest way results in the most velvety AND flavorful eggs. The method is simple…cold pan, cold butter, eggs cracked directly into the pan (no whisking in a separate bowl,) a little milk, salt & pepper, slow cooking and finishing the cooking away from direct heat.

That’s it. No extra bowl or whisk to clean, either. Sometimes, although rarely, being lazy does pay off. Check out my easy technique below, then post any counter-arguments in the comment section. (Not that I’ll listen.)




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  • By: Lannad

    I agree it’s easiest to mix it in the pan vs bowl, but scrambled eggs — since you mentioned “France” i will say this and i am sure the French would agree — are supposed to be cooked without too much stirring!! Which results in them looking (sorry Josh) choppy, crumbled up and broken up into varying sized pieces like the ones in your final photo. Scrambled eggs should have folds and still look somewhat cohesive but not look like noodle pudding which is what you’ve got above. For this reason it really does work best to blend them first in a bowl. Either way melt butter on warm/low heat, then add eggs, wait til they are cooked along the bottom as if you were making an omelette THEN use spatula or wooden spoon to move gently, the eggs from one side of the pan to the other, allowing the uncooked eggs to flow out onto the pan again, and keep lightly folding over the parts that are cooked, finally removing pan from heat while the eggs are still soft. The trick is to NOT stir too much as then they crumble. They taste better this way. But I do agree with all your other recipes. Not the one for scrambled eggs. I hope you will try it.

  • By: Karin

    Since you mentioned these eggs at the cooking session in Austin, Texas, I had had to try them and, voila, it worked like a charm….except I used heavy cream….

  • By: Marianne G

    I have never liked scrambled eggs. They were always served to me with the texture of rubber balls. Gave this recipe a try this morning. PERFECT!

  • By: Kathy Gautie

    I can’t believe it…my husband always makes his scrambled eggs this way and when he says, “do you want some scrambled eggs”?, I always jump up and tell him, “yes, I’ll make them”. I get out my whisk, bowl, milk and start whisking the life out of them. So…now, I guess I will have to admit that I was wrong about his method. On the other hand, now I can just sit there and have my second cup of coffee and let him make the eggs. Thanks!

  • By: S.Wiese

    Tried making eggs this way this morning, have to say it was hard to pull the pan off the fire while the eggs were still runny as it goes against everything I have been taught on how to cook eggs, but they did cook off the heat and pulled together perfectly. My eggs were soft, and buttery instead of chewy!

  • By: nyjune

    but how do you cook “away from direct heat” ?

    • By: Dr. Brent

      remove the pan off of the burner allowing the egg to cook from the heat that the pan has already absorbed

  • By: Jessica Kara

    That’s totally how I make my eggs! Although sometimes I”m even lazier and I skip the milk, too. But the butter is the KEY! Great job!

  • By: Laura Adler

    Holy crap I just made them this way – added some sharp cheddar when still cold as well – best eggs I have EVER had!! Thanks!!

  • By: BigPhil

    Just like I do mine!! Low and slow and lots of stirring is the key!!

  • By: Joan

    I tried it! Wow, what a difference it made! I will never go back to eating them the old way.

  • By: William Hopper

    This proves there is more than one way to scramble an egg. Thanks for helping me decide what to make for Sunday Morning Breakfast!

  • By: Virginia Johannes

    I kind of cooked my scrambled eggs that way for a long time,, They are great, I learned from Josh a couple things Im not doing though .. YUM,, thanks

  • By: Karen Thomas

    My husband makes ours in the microwave, they come out fluffy every time. He puts in 4 tbsp of milk, 4 pads of smart balance butter, 4 eggs, mix and then cook 2-3 min in the microwave. Delicious

  • By: Rex Tabor

    The only thing I would add is that I use half and half instead of milk. This is the way to scramble eggs. Wonderful.

  • By: Linda

    I do the lazy eggs but I don’t bother with the milk. Milk just dilutes the great eggy taste as far as I’m concerned. Also makes it even more easy. One less thing to put in the pan. 🙂

  • By: LindaJ

    This is how I make eggs too. On the electric stove, I start between low and med and immediately turn to low once they start coming together. Pull them off direct heat and the carryover heat finishes them. I use water instead of milk – you just need a little extra liquid to give the eggs time to cook without becoming dry.

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