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When Josh was a kid, he and family friends took fishing vacations in Door County Wisconsin, where they trolled Lake Michigan catching Brown Trout and Salmon. Truthfully, as a nine year old, waking up at 4am to ride around in a boat for 6 hours wasn’t his idea of the perfect vacation. But every time he caught an 18+ pound salmon, it more than made up for the down time. And the sea-sickness. And the holding in pee for hours.

That’s where he learned to clean, filet and steak salmon. And how to cook it on the grill. Salmon is a dense fish…but it’s still more tender than swordfish, or tuna. So it takes a little bit of care on the grill…especially filets.

Follow along with us as we grill our special Ginger Honey Soy Sauce salmon, using our own Beekman 1802 Ginger Honey. (If you don’t have our Ginger Honey, you can mince a little fresh ginger and add it while heating the glaze.)

First, get the charcoals going in the grill. You’ll only want them on one half of the grill, since salmon (especially filets) are too delicate to cook over direct heat.

This glaze is super easy to prepare. Simply whisk together the soy sauce and honey in a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring it to a simmer, but don’t let it boil over.



Wash and pat dry the salmon filets. Coat the skin side with a little olive oil so that they don’t stick to the hot grill.

Place the filets on the grill, skin side down, over the half of the grill that doesn’t have the coals. We’ll be honest here. Sometimes, if we feel the filet is very firm and cold, we’ll brush theĀ non-skin side with a little oil and sear it first, for only about a minute, because we like the sear marks. (And it’s impossible to flip and sear if you start skin side down.)


After about 6 minutes, over indirect heat and with closed grill cover, the salmon fat should begin to ooze out the sides (it’s the white stuff.) Now it’s time to add the glaze. Brush on the glaze, close lid. After about 2 minutes, open and brush on more glaze. Close lid again. This is getting repetitive, but trust us, you want to add the glaze several times, in thin layers.

After about 10 total minutes of cooking time the salmon should be done. Poke it with the edge of your spatula, and it should flake. Add once more brush full of glaze and remove from heat. Serve immediately, coating with any remaining glaze if desired.


P.S. Josh didn’t make soy sauce honey glaze for the salmon he caught when he was nine. Perhaps he wasn’t born that way after all.



Grilled Salmon Glazed with Ginger Honey Soy Sauce


It's simple to cook salmon filets on the grill...just treat it delicately.

Prep time: 6 Min
Cook time: 10 Min
Total time: 16 Min


4 five-seven oz salmon filets

1/3 cup Beekman 1802 Ginger Honey (if you don’t have Beekman 1802 Ginger Honey, use regular honey with the addition of 1 teaspoon peeled, minced, fresh ginger.)

2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce

1 teaspoon olive oil or cooking oil.


Wash and dry salmon filets. Combine Ginger Honey and soy sauce in small sauce pan over medium heat. Whisk until simmering and combined. Do not allow to boil over.

Brush skin side of salmon filets with oil.

Place salmon filets on grill, skin side down, over indirect heat. Cover. After aboutĀ  6 minutes, when white fat begins melting from sides of salmon, brush with glaze. Cover. Brush with glaze and cover intermittently until about 10-12 total cooking minutes have passed. Once salmon flakes when poked with fork or spatula, it’s done. Remove from grill and serve immediately, using remaining glaze if desired.


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  • By: Cheryl Mooneyham.

    I live with my daughter and her family. They don’t won’t eat the wonderful food you write about. Boo. Can I come live with you. I don’t eat a lot

  • By: Lynn Boesen-Burnside

    As another person who had to hold it while fishing in Lake Michigan… with I believe the same fisherman Josh went fishing with. This recipe sounds heavenly and I will share…

  • By: Betsey Keck

    Your recipes and photos are drool inducing without a doubt. Besides the compliment I’m using this opportunity to request an option for larger print on your pages. With glasses my eyes are ‘perfect’ but they are old and tired and I find it is very wearing to have to concentrate that hard. I don’t want to miss any of your ‘offerings’ about anything. Do you think it would be possible for me to push a key and see more easily? ‘T’would be GREAT.

    • By: Kristil Sahlin


      I just saw your request for larger print. While I’m not affiliated with Beekman 1802 in any way, maybe I can help. When browsing the internet, you can usually zoom your screen in by pressing CTRL and + at the same time. To zoom out, CTRL and -. Hope that helps.


  • By: Beverly Nan Murphy

    My son usually mans the grill at the beach. He’s gonna have to listen to mom with this
    one. Sounds delicious and bet it could work on the blue fish and stippers caught in the Bay in front of the house. Thanks guys, recipe sounds relish and EASY! Yes, Josh, only place to hold that stuff that long is in your pool. Heheh! xx

  • By: Michelle Stalter

    I remember spending every summer with my grandmother, who lived in Wisconsin. I had my own little row boat and would spend the whole day on the lake fishing…I feel bad for Josh having to “hold it” as I kept a coffee can (courtesy of grandma)in the boat with me because she knew I hated having to come in to run to the outhouse! Thanks and can’t wait to try the recipes-you can’t beat fish on the grill…yummmmm!!!

  • By: Barbara Klinman

    why would Josh – at age 9 – be holding in pee, in a boat, probably with a lot of other men while fishing, in WATER ?? My sons went family camping for years as youngsters, and learned that peeing in the woods was perfectly ‘legal’. Thanks for the recipe BTW – sounds great!

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