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A time-tested recipe from the 18th century

Ingredients (serves 12-16)

Peel from 6 lemons

1 cup sugar

1 cup lemon juice (squeezed from about 6 lemons)

20 ounces rum*

10 ounces cognac

60 ounces water

Additional Information

  • Total Time: 4hr


First make an oleo-saccharum, a mix of muddled citrus peel and sugar: peel the 6 lemons with a vegetable peeler (trying to get as little pith as possible).


Put the peels in a bowl with the sugar, muddle well, and let sit for 1to 2 hours.


Juice the peeled lemons, using more lemons if necessary to yield 8 ounces of juice. Set aside.


After the oleo-saccharum sits for up to 2 hours, combine it with the other ingredients.


Strain to remove the lemon peel from the punch.


Add ice and serve.


Excerpted from the book Imagining Ichabod:  a journey through 18th century America by Paula Bennett (Bauer and Dean).  Click here to see more.


by Dr. Brent

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