Bring on the flavor!

Roasting garlic is one of the simplest, yet most flavorful methods to prepare this potent bulb. Click on the photos above to learn how we roast ours.

Most of the produce we grow in the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Garden are varieties that William Beekman would have grown himself. But there’s one plant we cultivate that the honorable judge likely would have reviled: garlic. This “stinking rose” was considered too strong and malodorous for culinary use by most Northern Europeans and their descendants (Beekman was of Dutch descent.) It wasn’t until waves of southern European immigrants began arriving in America – most notably, Italians, of course – that garlic slowly became a common ingredient in American kitchens and gardens.

Garlic is planted in autumn in our growing zone, and is harvested the following summer. We love roasting newly harvested garlic when the bulbs are nice, fat, and juicy. After 45 minutes to an hour in the oven, they caramelize into a smooth, spreadable paste. Some of our favorite uses for roasted garlic are:

• A a spread on toasted bread, either alone or with Blaak Drizzle, or honey.

• Whisked together with olive oil and lemon zest as a glaze for roasted chicken.

• Stirred into chicken stock and used as risotto broth.

• Stuffed in figs, cherry tomatoes, or pickled cherry peppers as appetizers.

• Combined with crumbled bacon and stirred into mashed potatoes.

What do you use roasted garlic for? Let us know in the comment section below.



by Josh and Brent

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Cindy Gale

I like making homemade Chicken Marsala and adding HEAPING amounts of roasted garlic to the sauce…yummy!


Your garlic must be delicious and super nutritious. Look how dark and rich your soil is in the first two photos! Thanks for posting.


I like to add roasted garlic in mayonnaise, and use dry basil together. Great taste on bread or vegetables what ever you like.

Rebecca Sidener

Spread roasted garlic on a tortilla or crusty bread and top with freshly roasted Hatch or Pueblo chiles and a little salt and olive oil. Mmmmmmmm……

Cyndee Evans

take 6 heads of roasted garlic,1 pound shrimp, 1/2 cube butter, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 can mushrooms, 1 box linguine, chopped parsley.

boil the linguine until al dente. in electric fry pan, melt butter, and mix in olive oil. add shrimp. cook until almost done. add garlic, mushrooms & linguine. stir to combine. add parsley. cook until shrimp is cooked, but not overcooked. serve with lemon juice and parmesean cheese to your tastes. Salt and pepper to your liking. yum yum yum. watch out for the fallout later in the evening. (hahaha)


I like to toss roasted garlic on top of a thin crust pizza with caramelized onions and fresh spinach leaves.

Bob Herrick

A boiled garlic soup that is almost elegant in vol 1 of Julia’s mastering

June Tinney

I make a roasted garlic tomato pasta sauce that is to die for. And the best part is licking your fingers after you squeeze the roasted garlic.

Susan Federico

We grow our own garlic and just harvested our crop last week. I roast garlic and add it to mayonnaise and spread on our grilled burgers. Delicious!

Leo Tubon

I love adding roasted garlic on pasta drizzled with olive oil, on pizza, to flavor my bechamel or aioli, on salsa, hummus, pesto and I even use it to make rosemary garlic ice cream.


I chop roasted garlic and add to basmati rice…..with a dash of allspice and bayleaf.


Did roasted garlic this past weekend. Ate it on bread. Made garlic butter which we put on the steak, potatoes and in the mushrooms. I’m addicted.

Ceci Carmichael

Mix roasted garlic with a little maple syrup and chopped rosemary and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and rub it on chicken, steak or pork chops and grill.(After I have consumed one entire head squeezed on toasted baguette slices).

KC Quaretti

While raosting the garlic bake a round of brie and toast baguette slices. Then spread garlic on the toast and top with the melted brie! Serve with a great bottle of burgandy…..sinfully delish!

Kim Bernard

I like to add roasted garlic with herbs to some softened butter to make a compound butter. The uses are so many…you can top off a grilled steak or an ear of corn. You can use it on fish or vegetables. And it will keep in the fridge for a long time. Try it in some soft scrambled eggs on toast with pesto or tomato jam!