Hot Toddy Time! 

Frosty weather is coming quickly and in keeping with his German heritage, Klaus has a fire burning in the fireplace to take the chill off the morning.  Mornings in the old house are usually punctuated by the sound of crackling fires in the dining room fireplace.  Comforting and warming, a nice fire is taking the chill off the air out in the garden.

Although it’s still warm during the day, the mornings can be rather chilly!

Klaus and I were discussing the topic of the Toddy while he put a fire in the fireplace. (Metaphorically speaking of course)

The Hot Toddy is a favored morning cocktail.  A pot of tea is steeping, the aromatic oils of Klaus’s favored elixir shimmering on the surface of this essential liquid.  Klaus loves to augment his tea or “correct” it with a healthy shot of Tenneyson Absinthe and Four Roses Bourbon .  Do you want Absinthe, Sage and Bourbon in your breakfast cup of tea?  I say yes (as does Klaus), absolutely.

Klaus introduced me to Glühwein or spiced wine, but this relaxing drink is not usually enjoyed before the afternoon.  For the cool morning air, Klaus expects to have his tea “corrected.”

Klaus tells me that in Down East in Maine he used to ward off the morning cool weather on his wooden sailboat. Rum usually goes into his tea mug.

“It makes going back to bed easier.” Klaus chimes in.

He’s got quite the life.  Wake up, have a Hot Toddy, go back to bed.  I’m jealous of his little ceramic body and his ability to drink all day long without any unkind consequences!

The Hot Toddy is a historic cocktail dating back at least to the 1700’s in Scotland.  Traditionally, this drink had several parts starting with a warm base, a sweetener and alcohol.  In Scotland, that meant Scotch.

Where Klaus lives in New Jersey, this means Bourbon or even a more potent Apple Jack (Apple Brandy) if you are so inclined.

Klaus uses items in his Hot Toddy that hail all from the garden.  In this case, his drink has hot apple cider as the base from the plethora of apples that stand ripe on the tree ready to drop into his little outstretched hands.  Klaus likes Bourbon as opposed to Scotch in his Hot Toddy.  Mixed with the Bourbon, in this case the Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, Klaus has secured a traditional elixir from the crafty folks at Art in the Age in Pennsylvania named Sage.  Sage is comprised of Sumac, Thyme, Fennel, Dandelion, Angelica, Rosemary and Sage leaf.  Weighing in at eighty Proof, Sage Liquor is a most unusual and aromatic slurp.

Taken in small amounts, the careful “gar-tender” that is Klaus, makes him stand up straight and take notice of the savory goodness of the earth and his late-season; bountiful garden.

Being German, Klaus has a way with hot apple cider and its augmentation.

The Tenneyson Absinthe is the veritable light at the end of the tunnel for this hot drink.  Tenneyson weighs in at a hefty 107 Proof, small quantities it can add these essential flavors of warmth.  In larger quantities, the Tenneyson Absinthe can add fortification against the bone-chilling frost of the morning.

That’s called “correcting” your morning beverage!

Freshly made local apple cider is one of life’s true pleasures.  Klaus is rather fond of this beverage and he enjoys his apple cider woven into a cup of steaming hot tea.  Perhaps this drink has the historic significance that is necessary?  Hot tea, apple cider, a bit of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, some Tenneyson Absinthe, and Sage all combined makes going back to bed much easier.

Klaus could use some more sleep!  Klaus is always right about that corrected cup of tea.  Yawn….



Sagebrush Toddy  

(Makes two absolutely mind-numbing and quite dangerous drinks)



Tenneyson Absinthe

Sage (USDA Certified Organic)

Four Roses Bourbon

Tenneyson Absinthe

Apple Cider (heated)

Baked Apple slices (slice an apple, sprinkle with cinnamon and then roast slices on a baking sheet at 350 until soft about 15-20 minutes)

Honey to taste

Hot Tea, freshly brewed is essential

Freshly Whipped Cream

(DO NOT use those cans of whipped chemicals, whip your own!)



Pre-heat your mugs with boiling hot water- set aside

Pour out the hot water when the mug is sufficiently hot

Muddle a couple of baked apple slices into the base of your pre-heated mug with honey to taste

Add 1 shot of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon; ½ shot each Sage and the Tenneyson Absinthe

Add 1 shot of apple cider that is pre-heated

Top with hot tea

Garnish with a dollop of freshly whipped cream

Sip then sleep like Klaus!

Klaus? Klaus?  Are you sleeping again?


Time to put your feet up and relax.  Cheers!




by Warren

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