Genever is a most beguiling concoction.  The rich texture of the finish is strangely attractive on a blistering hot day OR warming on a blistery winter one.  Genever is a type of gin made from a malt wine concoction, rye grains and juniper berries.

Klaus first tried Genever in Holland where he spent many hours in the myriad of coffee shops drinking little glasses of Genever mixed with portions of the luscious chocolate that made Holland famous.

Or was it the tulips that made Holland famous.  Perhaps it wasn’t Holland at all.  Maybe it was Bruges in Belgium?  Wherever Klaus was, it certainly made for a buzzy afternoon.  Klaus seemed to enjoy himself a bit too much.

Don’t fall into the canal, Klaus!

Genever is gorgeous stuff in the glass.  Rich and luscious, creamy and full bodied. Klaus is very fond of intoxicating beverages mixed with all sorts of ingredients.

If it has liquor in it, you can bet that Klaus has tasted some.  He is, after all, the Soused Gnome!

The style named Oude Genever is made to Klaus’s preference.  It comes aged in oak casks, imparting a Bourbon-like taste (Bourbon laced with juniper berries that is!)

I like mine un-aged, distilled into a vaguely moonshine style served ice cold out of the freezer lifted to my lips without my hands.  That’s the traditional way to drink it, with an ice-cold beer to chase it down.  For medicinal purposes of course!

Klaus loves his Genever aged, (because he is a 1930’s German Drinking Gnome) with Vietnamese lemonade and healing ginger syrup.

Klaus is really fond of a version of Genever from a new company named DIEP9® (Learn more here).   They make a very elegant slurp of Genever that charms Klaus right out of his little britches!  Naughty, naughty Klaus!


Der Oude Kierk (The Old Monk cocktail)



Oude Genever (aged Genever) from DIEP9®

Tenneyson Absinthe (for the wash)

Freshly made sweet/sour/salty  Vietnamese Lemonade

Royal Rose Simple syrup of Cardamom and Clove

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in Lemon essence

Hella Bitter from Brooklyn  The ‘Aromatic’ version includes wormwood



Chill a Collins glass with a wash of absinthe, water and ice; the Collins glass is a tall glass

Pour out (preferably into your mouth as not to waste the good absinthe)

Add several large cubes of ice, to cool further

To a Boston Shaker, fill 3/4 with ice


4 oz. Oude Genever

5 oz. Vietnamese Lemonade

2 oz. Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Cardamom and Clove

Shake for twenty seconds


Strain into the Collins glass, and drip about 5 drops of the Hella Bitter over the top.


Bottom’s Up!


by Warren

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