Klaus fell into the wood bucket!  Last time I looked he was digging in with a bottle of Homestead Bourbon from Bardstown, Kentucky and Virginia Peach Brandy.

Do you think there were other gnomes nearby?   He is the Soused Gnome after all.

After nearly fifteen days, Klaus got the power turned on.  There was a super-storm!  Klaus slept through it all in a deep alcohol driven dream.  He was dreaming about his younger days in the Black Forest.  There was another gnome, named Hoeffner.   Hoeffner lived in the butcher shop and assisted the master sausage maker with his labor.  Hoeffner loved schnapps, so much so- that he would hit the bottle pretty early in the day.  He loved sausages- and getting sauced so much that he spent most of his time sampling the fine hand made pork products that the master sausage maker turned out.   It was in this little shop that Klaus first tried bacon.  This bacon would go perfectly, wrapped around a pork tenderloin, then cooked dry in a copper pot, until just crispy on the sides.  Then, as if by magic a touch of sliced apple was added to the pan.   A healthy slug of the marvelous schnapps that the butcher got from Klaus’s family finished this alcoholic dish.  It was Hoeffner’s favorite way of eating a lovely meal.  Of course a plate of sauerkraut was necessary, as well as draughts of freshly tapped beer and.. Well, naptime would be at hand.

Homestead Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey is a new brand in the lexicon of new flavors.  Rolling in at 56.65% by volume, Homestead is not cut with water in any way.  And as Klaus well knows, water means weak- and Klaus would never drink anything that was weak in any way.  After all, he’s the Soused Gnome!

The Homestead Barrel Proof is gorgeous stuff.  I give it double thumbs up for what is in the bottle.  Certainly the packaging befits the flavors inside- it’s elegant, streamlined and architecturally sound on your bar.  It doesn’t take up much real estate- but vertically it resembles bottles of high-end gin or vodka.

Klaus tasted Macoun apples in his first pensive sip of the bourbon.  The suddenly wet stones, toasted grain, stone ground Anson Mills grits, dare I say a hint of Pappy?  Pappy?  Really?  (Editor’s note: I think that the Homestead has the same exuberance as the Pappy 15)  The brooding alcohol made his little ceramic cheeks go all red and his little ceramic heart started pounding faster and faster.  Do I hear a song coming on? “Oklahoma is the place for me,” Klaus began to belt out in perfect German.

Yodeling is part of Klaus’s heritage and dancing is too.  Maybe there were more than a few gnomes in the wood bucket?  A party?

Resting alongside the bottle of Homestead Barrel Proof Whiskey there was something that piqued Klaus’s little ceramic brains attention.  It was a marvelous bottle of peach brandy in the wood bucket.  Mmm. Brandy and summer peaches.  The ripest- most succulent, dripping with soft juices, like wet velvet across your lips peaches.  A scant lace of liquid fire, danger from within caresses your face, it is all enveloping.

Klaus’s ardor grows and dare I say he moves, very deliberately towards the woodpile.  There might be a gnome or two just below the surface.  Judging from the photograph- you’d be correct if you said yes.

Between tasting and drinking, Klaus came up with these notes-

Homestead Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey:

Rich vanilla fire is enrobed with bittersweet coffee/chocolate nose.  There is a spicy element to this slurp and plenty of heat to the finish.  There is no missing the power of this Whiskey.  Distilled in Indiana and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky- the taste of the place- or Terroir is clearly delineated. The finish is pure Maldon Sea Salt, Caramel and Madagascar Vanilla.  This is so sophisticated that Klaus suddenly got up to dance and yodel!

Catoctin Creek Peach Brandy

Layer upon layer of juicy, freshly crushed peaches give way to the deeper vanilla elements of the fine Virginia brandy.  Dry is the first impression.  Each sip is more of a peach eau de vie or schnapps than a sugar sweet American version of an infused spirit.  Klaus is rather fond of this Peach Brandy in a cocktail comprised of the Homestead Bourbon Whiskey and a glass washed in peach brandy and a touch of Bitter End Curry Bitters for depth.

Klaus calls this late autumn slurp the Thomas Riley Marshall Cocktail after the vice president himself.  What made Mr. Marshall famous was his statement: What this country needs is a really good five-cent cigar- and he went on to cocktail infamy!


The Thomas Riley Marshall Cocktail


Chilled glass packed with crushed ice to cool

Homestead Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey

Catoctin Creek Short Hill Mountain Peach Brandy

Bitter End Curry Bitters



Pack your favorite hand blown rocks glass with ice, set to cool well

Pour out ice and wash the inside of the glass with about ½ shot of the Peach Brandy

Add one single hand-cut ice cube

Add 2 oz of the Homestead Bourbon

Dribble 2-4 drops of the Bitter End Curry Bitters over the top

Garnish with a home cured cherry.  Throw those red things in a bottle out now!


Politicians will always try to convince you that things are just peachy!



by Warren

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Warren Bobrow

It’s my error. Here is the correct information directly from the bottle:

Bottled by Homestead American Whiskey, Bardstown, Kentucky Distilled in Indiana.