“Klaus loves Paris in the Spring-time, Klaus loves Paris in the fall.”

Ah Klaus, he is ever the hopeless romantic.  He gets misty eyed by the Fin de siècle architecture of Paris, the way the rain feels when it falls against his little ceramic cap and the way liquors taste when sipped on a boat plying the Seine River.

Klaus loves the Eiffel Tower and vows to always drink Champagne cocktails in the presence of such beauty.  He strolled around the Left and Right Banks of Paris in search of love.  Everywhere Klaus went he attracted a crowd.  Was it his impish grin?  Or perhaps it was casual elegance of his slouched red hat?

I’m still trying to figure this out.

Paris is the city for lovers and romantics of every age.  Perhaps this is why Klaus is so fond of this city of lights.  Bathed in the soft, misty light of Paris, Klaus found himself surrounded by throngs of beautiful people who all wanted to know what Klaus’s favorite brand of Champagne was, (Diebolt-Vallois) what his favorite chocolate was, (Carre Chocolat) and of course his favorite macaroon, (Dalloyau).   By the time the trip was over, Klaus had put on a couple of ounces in his middle and he retained that coy smile when he sets to describe the marvelous cheese course at his favorite bistro, (Benoit).

Klaus is a jet-setting kind of gnome!  A drinking gnome is what he really is!

Klaus participated in a “Fantastic Picnic” thrown by the Bourgogne-Tourisme organization while in Paris.  He was introduced to this “fantastic picnic” and was quite the hit on the Bateaux Mouche.  In fact he was so popular that he invented a cocktail for tasting in the soft air besides the monument we call in America the Eiffel Tower.


7th Arrondissement Cocktail 

Courtesy of Klaus and Atout France who sent Klaus (and myself) to Paris and Burgundy for a picnic!

Serves two lovers in a fashion reminiscent of a sightseeing trip down the Seine at night, this means 2 VERY strong cocktails! Danger level 5 out of 5!  Danger! Danger!



Tree Fresh Fall Plums slightly seared in a hot pan to release their natural sugars

Diebolt-Vallois Champagne or your choice, but it must be French!

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Angostura Bitters

Sugar Cube

Hendrick’s Gin

Fresh Spearmint



Lightly sear slices of fall plums, set to cool

In your cocktail shaker add a couple slices of the seared plums

Muddle with the garden fresh spearmint until you have a paste

Add 4 oz. Hendrick’s Gin

Add 4 oz. Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Add a handful of ice

Stir to combine- and let cool

In a Champagne Flute, place the sugar cube in the bottom

Add several shakes of Angostura Bitters on top of the sugar cube

Double strain the plum, orange and Hendrick’s Gin mixture into the Champagne Flutes to about ½ way filled

Top with Champagne and garnish with a twirl of orange.


If you are not in Paris when you enjoy this drink, after a few of them- it won’t matter where you are!  




by Warren

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