The Late Summer Refresher

Time and time again, Klaus is tempted by the cool breezes that blow in from the north instead of the hot n’ sticky that seems to be plaguing the wooded wonderland that Klaus calls home.  Today Klaus awoke to a powerful thirst.

During his morning stroll through the gardens the mint called out to him and a cocktail was inspired.

Rum arrived yesterday in the mail from Zaya.  A gorgeous twelve year old Rum bottled in a most attractive package found its way to Klaus’s door.  Klaus, being the adventurous traveler was feeling a bit low with all the heat and humidity plaguing his expanding world.   A refreshing cocktail was on his mind. Plus he wanted something to settle the stomach.  Ginger, Rum, Mint, Seltzer, mint???

The Zaya Rum asked a bottle of Powell and Mahoney Old Ballycastle Ginger Syrup to the dance and a cocktail was born!

Klaus spends a good amount of time in the air traveling these days and sometimes his stomach gets upset with all the ups and downs from place to place.

Fine Ginger Syrup is often required to settle his stomach.  The Powell and Mahoney Ginger Syrup is strong in the mouth, yet kind to the stomach.  Woven into a cocktail with seltzer and the 12 year old Zaya Rum and his constitution has taken a turn for the better.

And that’s the name of this gartending cocktail.


The Turn for the Better Cocktail

Each Recipe makes 2 perfectly lovely cocktails



2 shots Zaya 12 year old Dark Rum

2 shots Powell and Mahoney Old Ballycastle Ginger Syrup

Perrier Sparkling Natural MinerWater



To a Boston Shaker add:

The Zaya Rum

Some ice

The Ginger Syrup from Powell and Mahoney

Shake well

Pre-chill Martini glasses with ice and water- pour out water after a few minutes to pre-chill.

Pour the strained liquor into pre-chilled Martini glasses with a couple of cubes of ice in each and garnish with fresh sprigs of your garden fresh Kentucky Colonel Spearmint.

Finish with a splash of mineral water


by Warren

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Mark Sanders

Have had a bottle of 12 yr. old rum for some time now. Bought P&M Ginger just today. Ran across your recipe and had to try……and…..FANTASTIC!! Great cocktail.