Klaus is tired. He’s been on the road for the past two weeks. Klaus spent a sleepless week in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, then Klaus traveled to Columbus, Ohio- where he reveled in his German heritage and the resident’s legendary thirsts. If you remember your history books, the Columbus, Ohio area is famous for the plethora of Germanic people who live and work in the region. Klaus, if you also remember is a German Drinking Gnome from the 1930’s. He missed being around his German friends and reveled in the satisfaction that only comes with drinking rather heavily.
He certainly was the “Soused Gnome” on this trip to the heartland.
Gardening is huge in Columbus, Ohio. It seems like everyone who lives there is touched in some way by gardening scene, be it at the numerous farmers markets brimming with some of the freshest and most delicious ingredients that money can buy or in the multitude of home gardens that grace the simple architecture of the farms.
Klaus needed a little extra help this morning. His usual cup of coffee left him feeling a bit homesick for the welcoming hearts of the Columbus, Ohio residents. He needed a pick me up of a most alcoholic nature. Even though his coffee hailed from the Columbus area, he asked me in his deep German accent for a bit of correction. Correction? What is correction? In his patient and calm fashion, Klaus pointed helpfully to a bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum and a new bottle on my shelf named Spodee. I asked him in my most interested manner what is Spodee? Klaus replied that Spodee is simply, “Wine and Shine.”

Wine and Shine? Like Moonshine? “Yes” Klaus replied. Red wine produced by the Brotherhood winery in New York State, mixed with moonshine, chocolate and garden fresh herbs. Wine and shine was a drink made popular during prohibition when booze was forbidden, yet everyone seemed to enjoy a sweet, salubrious drink. Also in this concoction of wine and shine is one of Klaus’s perennial favorites- Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Sailor Jerry is the personification of Klaus’s bad boy image. After all, Klaus sports a Sailor Jerry tattoo on his chest. You cannot see it, but it’s there. Sailor Jerry was a real man, with a real talent for the tattoo arts.

Klaus got his tattoo while in New Orleans courtesy of the kind folks at Downtown Tattoo. He’s a bit shy, so I’m the only one who has seen this magnificent piece of body art.
Klaus made his coffee this morning using water from his German Mavea “inspired water” pitcher. Why would he want to do that? Well, up here in the country the water is filled with minerals that taint the sweet flavors of the water with ones of dirt and stones. The Mavea “inspired water” filter is adept at removing these bitter flavors and leaving in their place creamy textured water. I can only say that coffee made without the Mavea is not coffee but only brown sludge.
And what about the correction to your coffee? Corrected coffee is absolute genius when going back to sleep on Country Time.
The Gene Sheldon Cocktail is reminiscent of the television show named Zorro. He played the mute servant named Bernardo. I see much of this character in Klaus. Powerful, silent, enlightened, Gene was in the most literal form of the word, a star in the making from working with the Disney Studios on Zorro.
Klaus is already a star by his strapping demeanor and kind, yet wry smile. I wonder what he’s thinking about right now?
The Gene Sheldon Cocktail
Water filtered through your Mavea “inspired water” pitcher
Freshly ground coffee brewed slowly
Spodee (Wine and Shine)
Sailor Jerry Rum
Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Roses
Freshly grilled peaches from your peach tree in the garden (slice into chunks and char over wood)
Preparation for one lovely breakfast cocktail:
Preheat your mug with boiling hot water- toss out water
Mash the grilled peach chunks (use only a couple) into your cup
Add 2 tablespoons of Royal Rose Syrup
Add 1 shot of Sailor Jerry Rum
Add 1 shot of Spodee (wine and shine)
Add freshly brewed coffee to finish
Stir well and drink.. If you are like Klaus, you’ll be gaily dancing at first, then sleeping soon thereafter!

Welcome home Klaus!

by Warren

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