The recipes we create when we  pull things fresh out of the dirt have always been one of the most loved parts of  We enjoy coming up with different dishes and LOVE our library of cookbooks, but when we started thinking of doing our own cookbook, the first question we asked ourselves was:  Does the world actually need another cookbook?

All of the products inspired by our life on the farm are designed to be worthy of passing along to the next generation, just like the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Recipe Cookbook. (You can get an autographed and personalized copy here)

The meals we love and that have been passed down through generations of family members are heirlooms in and of themselves and the book includes over 100 recipes that we’ve adapted from our family archives, each given our own little Beekman 1802 twist.  The recipes are both simple and ingenious.  Comfort food has to be as easy to make as it is pleasing to eat.



A treasure trove of family traditions, nicely bound

Every family has one (maybe many more)—the treasured family recipe that is hauled out at every family celebration.  Often written on index cards and spiral bound notebooks, sometimes existing only in the recesses of a matriarch’s  memory, these dishes serves as retrospectives of our lives.

We’ve also made special room in this keepsake volume for you to include your family’s own heirloom recipes.  Simply use the blank recipe cards provided and store them in the beautifully-crafted protective pockets included in the book.  You can print off additional recipe card templates for free any time you need them by clicking here

This is not just OUR cookbook.  It’s YOUR cookbook.


One recipe, a thousand ways

It’s been said that too many cooks can spoil the broth, but not here.  There’s an entire section of devoted to the cookbook, and cooks are encouraged to share their adaptations to the 100+ recipes.  Recipes are really living cultural documents.  They evolve based on the tastes and norms of a particular era in time, and we want to capture that.

We also want to develop a community of cooks who want to share tips and ideas on how they have used our recipes as a starting point.

Each recipe in the book has a column for writing your own notes.  You can then visit that recipe’s page and contribute your ideas to the online community of cooks who are all using the cookbook.  In this way, each recipe becomes a thousand different recipes.

You can even upload a photo of your own version of the dish.  We want you to brag!!

To see a sample of one of the recipe pages, click here



The look of an heirloom

The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook was designed to be handed down from one generation to the next and it was very important to us that every aspect of the book carried out the idea of being an heirloom, including the photography.

The artist, Paulette Tavormina, lives and works in NewYork City, gathering produce from farmer’s markets throughout Manhattan in order to create the intricate studies she captures on film. Her arrangements often recall the sumptuous detail of seventeenth century painters highlighting the food as much as the table setting. Tavormina creates worldly still-lifes with a painterly perspective reminiscent of Dutch, Italian and Spanish masters, such as Francisco de Zurbarán, Giovanna Garzoni and Adrian Coorte.

For the book, Tavormina used vegetables grown on the Beekman Farm in upstate New York as well as thousands of dollars of silver, china and crystal pieces on loan from the French-based company, Christofle to display the final dishes.

The resulting photos are timeless.


We look forward to cooking up something special with you.  Pass the memories.

To get an autographed and personalized copy, click here

Simple, delicious, and classic. Each of the 100+ recipes in The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook have their roots in our families' history, with our own signature tweaks to make them our own. We hope you love our recipes as much as we do, and make them over and over again until they're your own heirlooms.
Cultivate a Better Life
by Josh and Brent

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Thank you for such a well thought out nice cookbook. I’ve only had a copy a short time and everything I have made from it is simply wonderful. Also, I love the thought that went into having a place where I can put some of my family heirloom dishes in the book. Being originally from south-eastern Kentucky, there are many, many recipes that has been passed down in my family. I love a place to put them to share for future generations.

You guys ROCK! We recently purchased Season 1 of your show on dvd and we really have fun watching it. My mother loves your show. I hope Season 2 and 3 will be on dvd soon.

Thank you. Blessings…



I am buying the The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cook's Collection! This bundle of useful things are great. It includes the the We've Got You Covered Apron, the Heirloom Cookbook, and Book bar- I will enjoy using them because I love to cook!!!


Just ordered it via link above. Surprised it went to Amazon but I'm looking forward to receiving it. Have now missed two book signings but it will still make a great gift!

Holly Mulcahy

Thank you both for such a beautiful book. I can't stop flipping through it! I'll start cooking a few of your recipes tomorrow. And down the road after I've filled with notes and my own recipes I'm giving this to my niece. She's 3 right now, so I'm breaking her in early; she's getting child size measuring spoons, spatulas, and a cute mini apron for Christmas. We'll be making your spiced carrot cake together next month 🙂

Maria @ A Platter of

Josh & Brent, i got your book a few weeks ago and I have read it quite a few times because it is not only beautiful but the recipes are gorgeous. Have tried quite a few of them but I am so looking forward to try some of the Fall recipes on Thanksgiving expecially the Bourbon Roast Turkey. can't wait. Thanks for a beautiful book that is just welcoming.

Diane M

Love Love Love you guys so excited that you are coming to Everett, MA (one town over from me). Cant wait to meet you both. Is the show coming back to Planet Green TV? MISS YOU All.

PS How's Farmer John


Bought the cook book yest. at the Williams Sonoma store in Austin. Again, great to see you both. Going through the recipies I noticed at least 5 or 6 even I can cook. That's an achievement as my partner is the (pastry) chef. Cheers.


Dilemma. I bought the cookbook for someone else. I decided I'm keeping it for myself. You know what, I'll just have to buy another one. I still have time before Christmas!


Hi Brent and Josh, I just got back from the 2nd leg of my vacation. First part was in Upstate NY where I got to meet you at the Harvest Festival and where I got my signed copy. When I got back this weekend, I finally took a good look at it and I'm so excited that the ingredients are things to be found in any grocery store or farmer's market. I love real recipes with real ingredients and am especially excited to see how they're broken down by seasons. Can't wait to start cooking!!

Dr. Brent

So nice meeting you, Debbie. We are so glad that you like the book. We wanted to create a collection of recipes that you will want to cook over and over again, and that would never happen if they included ingredients that were hard to come by. Get cookin'!

Marci B

I saw you guys on QVC on Weds. and was so happy for you!!! The book is great and I know everyone is going to love it. You guys are really just as fab as your show says!!!!


The cookbook is FABULOUS. The photography is fantastic, and the recipes look great. Can't wait to try every one of them. I absolutely loved the photo of the leg of lamb…. well done boys!

Ruth Czerwinski

Hi Josh & Brent, I had pre-ordered "THE BOOK" on-line and received it the other day. I can't think of enough adjectives to describe it besides beautiful, gorgeous, and etc., etc. Can't wait to try some of your mouth-watering, wonderful recipes. On my way to our farmer's market in a few minutes. Cant wait for Jackie & Dave to return home so I can hear all the latest from Sharon Springs.

luv, Ruth

Cindy Bouffiou

I;m so happy you are coming to our Seattle for a book signing!! Can't wait to see you in person.

Christine Dunagan


Love the cookbook! My husband would like to contact whomever does publicity for your cookbook about interviewing you and/or Josh for his radio show in Syracuse, NY.



Sheri Szajna-McKeon

I was fortunate to be able to peek through this book at Harvest Fest. It is SO beautifully done, it is truly a work of art! I can't wait to get a copy for myself and a few more to be used as gifts. Thank you for creating an heirloom for us!

Ashley Johnson

I had pre-ordered mine and forgot the date it was coming out. It just arrived today at work (I am an event planner for an organic catering company) and I tore it out the box and was so excited to show it to everyone. Can't wait to read it tonight. Thanks for such a great book guys!


Hi Josh and Brent,

Good luck on QVC tonight! I'm sure you will sell out. Please ask Martha if you can go on her show to promote your lovely book. I'm sure she would to have you on the show.

Jenny @ Kerrfect!

I ordered mine MONTHS ago, as soon as we got home from your book signing in Madison. It showed up in the mail the other day and I had to sneak off to get a good look at it because it's for one hubby's little Christmas gifts. It is very beautifully done and I can't wait until he can try some of the recipes out!