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It seemed like everywhere we went in Cuba we were met at the door with a Mojito. We were even fortunate enough to have a Mojito making class at a local bar.

While Mojitos have become extremely popular in the U.S., we noticed a two main differences between those we find here at home and those served to us in Cuba:

  1. In Cuba, they were actually less strong than here in the U.S. Cubans drink Mojitos as a refreshing drink…not as a hardcore cocktail.
  2. Bitters. While bitters have always been an essential ingredient to traditional Mojitos, they tend to be left out of our American version. Don’t skip the bitters, though! Otherwise, you’re just drinking spiked limeade.
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1 teaspoon granulated sugar
Juice of ½ lime
2 Sprigs of mint
2 oz Havana Club white Rum
3 oz club soda
1-2 dashes of bitters (Angostura)

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Squeeze lime juice into glass, then drop in lime half. Add sugar and mint sprigs. Using a muddler, mash sugar, mint, juice and rind together. Fill glass half full with crushed ice Pour rum over ice. Top with soda and dash of bitters. Stir gently and enjoy!

by Joshua

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