To enhance your viewing pleasure and to make each and every episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys as fabulous as possible, we’re going to encourage the playing of a nice parlor game.

Each week, we’ll post a new Beekman 1802 elixir recipe for you to use and give you a new reason to “raise your glass”—–to your mouth that is.

This week the beverage of choice is truly a gentleman’s drink.   Click here for the “how,too

Have some aspirin handy because this week will pack a wallop.  Take a sip every time you hear the name “Jean-Georges”

by Josh and Brent

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dr. brent , i really enjoyed your show on t.v. and have not been able to find it anymore. are you two going to be shooting more shows? your show has made me laugh and cry. keep up the great work, thank you


And these are the times I wish I was old enough to drink… Some day, my dear Brent and Josh, I will make your recipes. Some day. ;D


I made the cucumber syrup and shared with friends. It was a big hit! Try a teaspoon or so with some elderflower liquor like St. Germain and french lemonade, or mix in a gin and tonic.

lori amundson

brent, how did you make the drink for the wedding episode? it looked like it was good. keep up the good work. you guys and farmer john are the best, if you ever come to oregon, you have a place to stay…