Shortly after moving to Beekman Farm, we heard tell of an open house just outside of town at a place called Thistle Hill.   As if we needed any additional reason to go, when we heard the host was a person named Rabbit Goody, our attendance was a foregone conclusion.   (We were raised to never pass up the opportunity to talk to someone who has gone through life with the name Rabbit.)

Thistle Hill Weavers is owned and directed by Rabbit Goody, a nationally known textile historian and founder of the Textile History Forum.  Thistle Hill is a custom weaving mill that specializes in creating accurate reproductions from document patterns and 17th, 18th, and 19th-century weavers’ drafts.  Working closely with designers and individuals, the company creates carpets, fabrics, and trims in short custom runs.

Carpet, fabrics, and trims from Thistle Hill are installed in museums and historic sites across America, from George Washington’s Mount Vernon to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, from the Henry Ford Museum to Lincoln’s Birthplace, as well as at international sites, including historic trust properties in New South Wales.

In addition to working on private homes and historic sites, Thistle Hill Weavers has extensive experience producing custom costume and set fabrics for the film industry.  Recent projects include set and wardrobe fabrics for The Chronicles of Narnia, Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the Academy Award winning movies There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men, as well as the Emmy Award winning HBO miniseries, John Adams.

When we found out that Rabbit got her start by weaving scarves for the likes of Gucci and Bergdorf Goodman, we knew we had to work with her to create the first item for the Beekman 1802 Haberdashery.

Learn more about Rabbit and her work at

by Josh and Brent

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Paul T. Gilbert

I bought a Buchannan Tartan tie from you in Baltimore, MD in 1970s. Loved it. Lost it in 2012, during a move.
Happy to know what happened to you.

Natasha Lawson

I just finished The Bucolic Plague…loved it! I laughed out loud so many times!

As I finished the last few pages this morning (coffee in hand, feets tucked under the covers), I caught Rabbit Goody's name under acknowledgments. I almost dropped my brew! I had a silk scarf made by Rabbit, gifted to me over 25 years ago…I wore it until it disintegrated off my neck. One does NOT forget the name Rabbit Goody.

As an Oregonian, I don't have much geographical awareness of upstate N.Y., how crazy that you two are near her and know her.

The giftors got married on Rabbit's farm, AND they are still going strong, undoubtedly from the excellent Goody karma.

Diane Davis

I really enjoy your show. My daughter and I are planning a trip to Sharon Spings this summer. Do you have smaller slices of cheese or do we have to buy the whole round?


I loved seeing that Video and the Ancient Weaving Machine still being used, I love the colors and the design in the Silk scarves. I'm learning about how to do Fiberarts and enjoy learning anything about the way to do them***


Sharon ***

Sara Miller

Rabbit is such a neat lady- she bought and renovated my great-great-grandmothers' home. She was absolutely wonderful in sharing her progress and findings with our family. It was also exciting to see her work on the Martin Van Buren home, as he was another one of our ancestors. So nice to see her featured here!


Love the video! I must say I have even more of an appreciation of the work that goes into your beautiful scarves. Fabulous!