Sure, scary Jack-o-Lanterns might be fine for Halloween, but we like to decorate with pumpkins for most of autumn. And like a Christmas tree in February, a Jack-o-Lantern on your front porch for Thanksgiving is a little pitiful.

Here’s a fun way to keep the glow of a carved pumpkins throughout the fall season. Carve a short message on a row of pumpkins and line them up on your porch steps or railing. Or, to help people find your house when throwing a festive fall dinner party, carve your house number in pumpkins and set on your walkway or at the curb. Check out our slide show for simple instructions:

by Josh and Brent

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Korrine Perez

Your creativity never ceases to surprise me 🙂 You two inspire me to test my own creativity. The final product came out amazing~!! How neat is that. Great work boys. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how to do this.