Sure, scary Jack-o-Lanterns might be fine for Halloween, but we like to decorate with pumpkins for most of autumn. And like a Christmas tree in February, a Jack-o-Lantern on your front porch for Thanksgiving is a little pitiful.

Here’s a fun way to keep the glow of a carved pumpkins throughout the fall season. Carve a short message on a row of pumpkins and line them up on your porch steps or railing. Or, to help people find your house when throwing a festive fall dinner party, carve your house number in pumpkins and set on your walkway or at the curb. Check out our slide show for simple instructions:

by Josh and Brent

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Michele Allen

Best instrument to use for scraping out the “guts” of the pumpkin, I learned years ago from Martha Stewart, is to use the flat lid you would use in canning! Using the curved edge scrapes it clean!

Korrine Perez

Your creativity never ceases to surprise me 🙂 You two inspire me to test my own creativity. The final product came out amazing~!! How neat is that. Great work boys. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how to do this.