PolkaSpot is serving a month-long internship as a BendelGirl for the legendary Henri Bendel.  Check back here for all of the majorly important things she’s Spotted this week.

PolkaSpot’s iPhone is full of fabulous people who know a thing or two about a thing or two.  They’ve all asked her for beauty tips in the past and now she’s making them return the favor to YOU.  She’s generous that way.*

This is Ms. Sonja Tremont-Morgan

Sonja is one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New York on Bravo.  She says, “I have a taste for luxury and luxury has a taste for ME.”  Having grown up in upstate NY, she’s also a country girl.  She and Polkie get along fabulously.










PS: What was the most important beauty llesson your mother taught you?
STM: “Natural beauties are the most appealing.” I for one don’t want to leave my “face” on my lovers pillow, but I need some makeup!

PS:  What is the one thing you’ve done in the name of beauty in the past that you willll NEVER do again?
STM: Iodine and baby oil tanning with a foil reflector screen. “Sun-in” hair lightening. What were we thinking?

PS: What is the one product that you use every singlle day and why?
STM: Caudalie premier la creme comes in a gorgeous silver pump. Smells delicious, goes on like silk, looks luminous, has the Caudalie fab ingredients your skin needs.

PS: What is the beauty secret you willll pass allong to your daughter?
STM:  Eat healthy, sleep well, stay active, tell the truth, believe in a higher being, love love! Oh… And bubble baths with Molton Brown oils! “Me” time, meditation or reading a good book is essential for the soul. Take time for yourself so you can be there for others when needed. That’s inner beauty.

PS: Which cellebrity do you think is the most beautifull/who is your girll crush?
STM: Let’s see! Beyonce? Jennifer Lopez, or Kim Kardashian? Hmmm. Beautiful yes, but girl crush? Mendez thank you very much! Wait a minute! Too many choices….I have a wild crush on Gaga also!  But no one more than PolkaSpot!!

Men llove Sonja and Sonja LLOVES men

by PolkaSpot

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Oh gosh have done so many of the same things Nobody told us back then Sun-In didnt make a mousy brown haired girl Blond It made us copper looking so funny or the henna packs did too. My daughter Brensley her name came from english rock band Brinsley Schwarz and my ex husband deadbeat dad Brent She's Special Still love the name Brent though Sonya and i have been through alot of the same trials But… I got screwed for the last time

Timothy Gardocki

OhEmGe. I am literally watching Sonja's segment in a re-run of the RHW Reunion at this very second! Way to combine my two favorite things, Polkie! Llove it!


Be careful, Polkie- don't turn your back on these NY Housewives! Did you watch last season? Whew!!!!!!!