PolkaSpot is serving a month-long internship as a BendelGirl for the legendary Henri Bendel.  Check back here for all of the majorly important things she’s Spotted this week.

PolkaSpot’s iPhone is full of fabulous people who know a thing or two about a thing or two.  They’ve all asked her for beauty tips in the past and now she’s making them return the favor to YOU.  She’s generous that way.*

This is Ms. Cynthia Rowley


Cynthia Rowley was seven when she constructed her first dress. Since then, the Cynthia Rowley Collection has grown beyond women’s wear to include the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy collection of beachwear and wetsuits, eyewear, beauty, baby, home sewing patterns, tools, handbags, shoes, legwear, shapewear, and dress-up band-aids, not to mention a mobile fashion unit: the Cynthia Rowley Shop on Wheels. Cynthia lives in New York with her husband and two daughters.






PS: What was the most important beauty llesson your mother taught you?

CR: Lipstick and a little mascara is all you really need.

PS: What is the one thing you’ve done in the name of beauty in the past that you will NEVER do again?

CR: Blue hair. Enough said.

PS: What is the one product that you use every singlle day and why?

CR: Redken Water Wax. The hair must be coiffed.

PS: What is the beauty secret you will pass along to your daughter?

CR: Don’t be too fussy. Beauty is effortless, as is style. Only fashion takes work.

PS: Which cellebrity do you think is the most beautifull/who is your girl crush?

CR: All of the funny, cool girls: Kristen Wiig, Zoe Kazan, Greta Gerwig, and Maya Rudolph!!  And POLKASPOT of course [sic]

*PolkaSpot reserves editorial discretion for herself

Ask PolkaSpot a question (or tell her how much you llove her) below.

by PolkaSpot

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POLKY!!! You little doll-face! Did you ever get those goats to stop eating your food? If so, how? If not, you need to be more forceful. Do you know you're twice their size?! Love ya……

Johanna R

Polkie, is it the rolls in the dust that keeps your complexion so flawless? You da bitch'n bomb!


Do you have any input as to how your flleece is being used? Hopefulllly it will be spun into something beautifull.


My daughters and I lloved the lleg warmer llook you sported after your hair cut. Do you plan on working that again?

Eve Stavros

Polkie, what do YOU use to keep those beautiful llashes so llong and llustrous?


Hey, Polkie, just wondering how llong it took to grow back your beautifull flleece, and did you llearn your llesson with the fence?


I purchased a beautiful Cynthia Rowley handbag and spent more than most do on bags in Duluth, MN. I was so excited to own it and show it off. When I showed my friends they thought the bag was lovely. When I told them it was a CR they looked at me with a blank stare. Glad to know Polka can live in a small town and be aware of a great designer!