Tis the Season 5PC Votive Candle Set


Tis the Season 5PC Votive Candle Set

This colorful 5PC set of artisan-made candles features five of our florally perfumed signature scents, each noted refreshing herbaceous undertones to create a beautiful balance within any living space...
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Burn time approx. 50-60 hours

Cut the wick down to ¼ before each use.
Do not place lid on candle until it has completely cooled

20 hours burn time per candle.

Scent/Color Pairings:
Black is Ylang Ylang
White is Lilac Dream
Green is Lily of the Valley
Blue is Violet & Wisteria
Pink is Peony Blush

100% soy wax with lead-free cotton wicks.


KOBO Candles

Before settling down in Saratoga Springs, NY, KOBO founder Junko Kobori and her husband Louis spent much of their lives travelling to the most beautiful parts of the world. When trying to translate the magic of their travels to friends and family, Junko and Louis found that nothing encapsulated the unique and enchanting mystique of their many destinations quite like scent. It was shortly after this realization that their candle journey began, a journey that continues today with the same end goal in mind, to bring the rarest, most overlooked beauties of our environment to life.

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