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Pasta Alla Tavola - Special Twilight Dinner


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    Join us for a special twilight dinner with live entertainment at 3 pm on September 14, 2019. 

    Be transported back in time to enjoy a modern version of an Old World classic, the Alla Tavola. Sicilian farmers would return from the fields to a family-style lunch of pasta, sauce, meatballs, and sausage over an open fire. The meal was served directly on the table and shared by all, complete with red table wine and spring water.

    Our Alla Tavola will be served in the same tradition but on a hardy vinyl tablecloth designed for family-style dining. (We'll supply the utensils and an Alla Tavola bib.) Beverages and dessert included.

    Rose Marie Trapani, co-author of our latest cookbook, A Seat at the Table, will welcome guests as she shares her mother's beloved recipes, stories of growing up in Sicily, and what an Alla Tavola was like in her village. Steve Salerno, a fellow Sicilian and proprietor of Justine’s in Cobleskill, is our chef for the evening. And for this seating only, cabaret singer Veronica Klaus will be serenading us as we enjoy our meal. 

    No physical ticket will be sent for this event. Your invoice serves as your ticket. 

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