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Oats of Steel


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    Organic Steel Cut Oats with Cardamon, Honey, Cinnamon & Goat Milk
    Grains are what keeps farms strong. We sow ‘em, we reap ‘em, & we feed them to our animals. We also rely on them to keep ourselves hale and hardy. Most workday mornings on the farm start with Oats of Steel - organic, whole grain, steel cut oats blended with goat milk. And a bit of real honey [‘cuz our bees are the hardest farm workers we know.] This tin includes Cardamom & Cinnamon, which is our basic morning blend. But Josh encourages you to toss in raisins, nuts, or any fresh fruit you have laying around. He’s “experimental” like that.

    Small-batch made, right here in Sharon Springs,NY.


    organic whole grain oats, honey powder, goat milk, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and salt


    1.5 lb 


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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