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Beekman 1802 Maple Syrup


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    All maple syrups are not the same...

    In front of Beekman Mansion stands a row of 150 year-old maple trees. We’re sure we’re not the first to tap them, and we're sure we probably won’t be the last. We teamed up with local Zoar Tapatree Co. to create a special Beekman Blend Maple Syrup that uses our historic sap, and also the sap from the locally renowned Forests of Zoar in Rodman NY. 

    What else makes our syrup unique? Well, it's minimally processed so that you can taste the true character of the minerals that give maple syrup its flavor. 

    And did you know that the flavor of maple syrup changes throughout the season as the sap is collected? (Generally from February - April.) Instead of blending all our sap into one batch, we let the seasonal differences stand on their own. Each of our bottles has a "Flavor Code" to help identify the tasting notes of that particular collection. Each bottle you'll try is a unique surprise. (Click here for list of descriptions. Because each batch is completely unique at the time it's collected and evaporated, we can't offer specific selections in advance.)


    16 oz glass bottle 


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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