"Sweet Pea" Goat Ring


"Sweet Pea" Goat Ring

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The easiest way to measure your ring size is by measuring a ring you already have that fits on the finger you’re looking to wear your new ring on. Simply measure the diameter of the ring and match the diameter to the sizes listed. Always round up if between sizes.

Size 5 (15.7 mm diameter)
Size 6 (16.5 mm diameter)
Size 7 (17.3 mm diameter)
Size 8 (18.1 mm diameter)


Designed as a gift for mother and daughter, our Sweet Pea Ring and our Sophie Baby Goat Ring can be stacked on top of each other so that the goats nestle together like puzzle pieces. Or wear them individually for an even more subtle flash of brass.


Artisan jewelry designer Artur Dabrowski specializes in making beautiful objects at all scales. He likes to tell stories with his work that enrich the mind and engage the soul.

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