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Clothespin Laundry Bag


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    Artist Julie Pruett has such happy memories of hanging out laundry with her grandmother. She had a beautiful scenic rural yard and sometimes would be surprised by a bird that had taken up residence in the bag.

    The bags are each sewn the old fashioned way, with a vintage Singer featherweight sewing machine and pinking shears. They are each handwired with galvanized wire, to withstand strong winds. The fabric used is 100% cotton ticking, like the fabric used to make vintage feather pillows. Included are 15 starter pins tucked in a pocket which can also be used to store your cell phone, while hanging out your laundry.


    6.5" wide at the opening x 12" tall for the fabric x 10" tall for the metal attachment


    Usually ships within 1-2 days

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