Jasmine Cardamom Signature Candle

10 oz


Jasmine Cardamom Signature Candle

10 oz

Each 10 oz candle is delicately hand-poured by artisans in Upstate New York from 100% soy wax and individually boxed.

The door to the living room...

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Burn time approx. 50-60 hours

Cut the wick down to 1/4 before each use. Let candle cool completely before putting lid on.

Top: Jasmine, Green Moss, Grapefruit
Middle: Pink Pepper, Mandarin, Bluebells
Base: Iris, Lily, Musk, Cardamom

Candle vessel dimensions are 4-inches x 4-inches x 4.5-inches. Candle is 10 oz. Vessel is made of glass.

Made with 100% pure soy wax. Lead-free 100% Cotton Wicks.


Each of these gorgeously fragranced candles is thoughtfully hand-poured right here in upstate New York from 100% pure soy wax by our expert artisans at KOBO. Choose from a wide selection of our most popular signature scents and relish in the essence. Locally grown from environmentally sustainable soybeans and GMO free, these candles will be sure to leave a lasting impression and aroma on you and your home.


There are few things more powerful or nostalgic than the smell of memories of times passed. One whiff and we are instantly transported back to some of our happiest and most memorable moments. Remind them just how much you love them with your choice of dazzlingly scented candles and create some new memories along the way.


KOBO Candles

Before settling down in Saratoga Springs, NY, KOBO founder Junko Kobori and her husband Louis spent much of their lives travelling to the most beautiful parts of the world. When trying to translate the magic of their travels to friends and family, Junko and Louis found that nothing encapsulated the unique and enchanting mystique of their many destinations quite like scent. It was shortly after this realization that their candle journey began, a journey that continues today with the same end goal in mind, to bring the rarest, most overlooked beauties of our environment to life.

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