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Ichiban Vase


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    There’s beauty everywhere, we just don’t always take the time to notice it. At Beekman 1802, we try to take the time each day to appreciate the beauty of nature and to really examine the world around us.

    Ichiban is a Japanese word that means “the one”, and the concept of ichiban when applied to floral arrangements can actually be a form of meditation.  Finding the one perfect flower to appreciate and studying it in isolation can bring clarity and peace of mind. (The idea of bonsai–contemplating the shape of plants to make minute pruning cuts–is based on a similar principle.)

    For those looking for just about the easiest way to arrange flowers and still have a “wow” effect, you simply can’t get any better than this.

    Each hand-crafted vase measures 5 x 5 inches and is attached to a heavy frog well which will support almost any sized blossom.

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