Goat Poop Butter

9 oz


Goat Poop Butter

9 oz
You’re in for a dose of heavenly chocolate and nutty proportions with this spread. The taste can only be described as a warm blanket embrace, for your...
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Keep refrigerated after opening.

Heavy cream (heavy cream, skim milk, carrageenan), brown sugar, chocolate, hazelnuts, butter (cream, natural flavor), cocoa butter, hazelnut extract (water, organic ethyl alcohol, natural flavors, vanilla extract (water, alcohol (35%), sugar, vanilla bean extractives), salt

Chocolate on Toast Never Sounded Better!

Listen, we love a good spread, if you couldn’t already tell! But this one… feels like a love we never want to let go of. There are plenty of chocolate nut butters out there, so when we say this one really rocks our socks off, it’s not just because of the layers of complexity that are brought to life by tones of hazelnut, chocolate, brown sugar. There’s something in the way this spread dances on the bread, hopping into our mouths, twirling all the way to the stomach. It’s a celebration of life, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

Reindeer Fly, Goats Poop!

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