Floppy Sun Hat - Gingham Collection


Floppy Sun Hat - Gingham Collection

For sunny days ahead, ALEMAN / MOORE’s handcrafted giant floppy hat is the perfect fit. We collaborated with this dynamic design duo to create a statement accessory that is sure to catch a few compli...
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24 x 28 x 4"


This expertly crafted hat is hand-sewn by ALEMAN / MOORE, merging humble materials with a modern twist. Like the signature gingham strip that accents the crown, this hat represents simple things done exceptionally well.


Our latest initiative features luxurious one-of-a-kind or limited run items from up-and-coming artisans who share our love of creating objects that help people see the world in a more beautiful way. It’s a celebration of Beekman 1802’s gingham brand icon, which represents our pastoral heritage and affinity for simple, clean luxury.

"The Gingham Collection, inspired by the signature gingham brand mark of Beekman 1802"

Meet the Artisan


This eponymous duo met while working in the millinery industry and teamed up to become pioneers in the modern maker movement. In their upstate New York design studio, they specialize in creating straw-constructed furniture that is eco-friendly and all natural.

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