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    Our own Hearty Graham Flour Recipe
    We like a hearty breakfast on the farm. The way we figure: a full stomach = a full day of chores. So we add hearty, toasty graham flour to our Heirloom Recipe Griddle Cake mix to make it extra fortifying. And of course we include goat milk & organic spices too. Did we mention it's made right here in Sharon Springs?

    Fair Warning: our Griddle Cakes aren’t like fancy-pants crepes or nothin’. They’ll fill you up and keep you going till sundown. So if you’re one of those folks who’s “watching your carbs,” maybe you better just go make yourself a kale smoothie. (But first, pass us the Maple Syrup.)



    Graham flour, cake flour, buttermilk powder, goat milk powder, granulated honey, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla powder, cinnamon, cardamom, and salt


    24 oz 


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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