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Farmer John Barn Scarf


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    For 10 months of the year, Farmer John works 12-18 hour days. Seven days a week. No holidays. That's the life of a farmer. 

    But come January and February, John's schedule slows down. Like, waaaaaay down. All of his goats are pregnant, so they don't need milking. The hay field is just a snow field. Even the chickens are done laying. Worse yet, John doesn't even like daytime TV. So what's a farmer to do during his off season?

    If you're Farmer John...you crochet. Day and night. Night and day. Problem is, soon everyone you know has one of your blankets. And one of your hats. And one of your scarves. 

    This year, we thought we'd give Farmer John a new outlet for his wonderful hand-crafted scarves. Now, for a (very) limited time only, you can get one of Farmer John's very own, hand-crocheted Barn Scarves. What's a Barn Scarf? Well, John doesn't like too much bright color, so he crochets his scarves using naturally colored yarn. However, if you lose a naturally colored scarf in the hayloft, (it happens,) it's pretty tough to find. So John always crochets about 6 inches of barn red yarn at one end of his scarves. Makes 'em easier to spot. Plus, as we told him, it makes them very asymmetrically fashion forward. 

    He didn't really care about that.

    So far this year John has crocheted about two dozen of these scarves. He figures he can crochet maybe five more before the first baby goats are born in mid-February. Then he's done till next January. So if you want a Authentic-Hand-Crocheted-by-Farmer-John-Barn-Scarf you better grab one now.

    Some of those mama goats look like they might pop a little early.

    Please choose "Oat" (light color) or "Buckwheat" (darker.)

    Scarves are designed for everyday wear: 80% acrylic, 12% wool, 8% rayon. Machine wash & dry.


    Dimensions: 7" X 68"

    Shipping Information

    This item is handmade by Farmer John. Due to demand and the very limited supply, scarves will be shipped as soon as they are completed. This may not be within our typical 3 day shipping time frame.

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