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Egg Board


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    Take the farm-to-table movement literally with this artisan piece. You know that Brent is all about presentation, and this is a simple way to display your eggs in style. This eco-friendly, maple egg board is hand crafted and ebonized to get it's sleek black color. Ebonization is stain-free, natural reactive process which gives these boards their rich, deep color. Because of this, slight color variations may occur. Aside from styling your kitchen, there is practicality to using an egg board. Did you know that farm-fresh eggs do not need to be refrigerator? Additionally, this can be used before cooking in order to bring previously cooled eggs to room temperature, allowing eggs to disperse evenly in batter (making for even cooking and a lighter texture).


    Wipe clean with cloth. To revive wood, oil wood with food safe oil and wax.


    Handcrafted with maplehard maple (from Wightman Specialty Woods, Portlandville, NY), mild steel, brass threaded inserts, stainless steel screws and 100% pure, food-safe tung oil.


    Ships in 1-3 business days


    13"l x 5"w x 2"h

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