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Customizable Wool Dog Bed


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    Just because Önder lives on a farm, doesn't mean that she believes she should be sleeping out on the floors of the barn. Which is precisely why we knew we needed to create the perfect dog bed for her. After much research, we decided to go with wool filling. Wool makes a fantastic fill for pet beds. Wool is comforting and cooling. It's ability to absorb moisture means it keeps dogs cool by pulling heat and water away from them in the summer. In the winter it acts as an insulation and reflects their body heat. Older dogs especially like the comforting and warm support wool provides for their aching joints. Wool is biodegradable, renewable and its tiny scales make it resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mold. It's also naturally fire resistant. These beds are Önder-approved!


    Our dog beds are sewn together at a developmental disability work center in Herkimer, NY. We use 100% local wool that was gently cleaned with only biodegradable soap and hot water. The wool is picked, carded and layered into batting at a fiber batting mill in Castleton, NY. These dog beds will last a lifetime.




    Med: 24" x 24" Large: 25" x 35" XL 35" x 45"



    Made to order. Typically ships in 1 week 

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