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Creme de Maple


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    Made from pure maple syrup sap, by Farmer John's sister!  Great as a cheese condiment, or on baked goods.

    We first discovered Maple Cream shortly after we arrived in Sharon Springs. Like our creamed honey, our Creme de Maple doesn't contain dairy. It's a controlled crystallization made by vigorously whipping 100% pure maple syrup, resulting in a thickened maple spread.

    Our Creme de Maple is made from sap from the trees at Farmer John's sister's farm, right here in Sharon Springs. Of course there are no additives or preservatives, just pure local maple goodness. With tasting notes of milky coffee and smoke, this is a novel addition to a cheese plate.

    Note: Because Creme de Maple contains no preservatives or stabilizers, it may separate during storage. If this happens simply re-stir, or better yet, whisk again in your stand mixer to thicken. Refrigerate after opening.


    100% pure maple sap.


    Each jar is 9 ounces of deliciousness.


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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