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Lowing Cow Hooked Lilac Lemongrass Buckwheat Pillow


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    Pasturing cows are a common and delightful sight on farmland all over the United States and those pastoral scenes inspired this spring design.  This pillow is filled with buckwheat seeds freshly scented with lilac and lemongrass.  

    Buckwheat seed pillows may be gently warmed in the microwave or placed in the freezer for cooling to use on your gardening induced sore spots, for headaches, or just for relaxation. Directions for use will accompany your pillow.  

    Each pillow is hooked individually by hand at Parris House Wool Works in this heritage craft’s tradition using all wool fabric strips on a linen backing, and finished by hand stitching together the hooked front and wool back. Some wools may be hand dyed by our artisan for a perfect effect, and wools may vary pillow to pillow based on availability

    May be spot/surface cleaned.


    6" x 8"


    Ships within 1 - 2 weeks

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