Cherry Almond Jam

11 oz

Cherry Almond Jam

11 oz

Almonds and cherries? Ummm yes! This heavenly spread has a strong tart flavor that lingers deliciously on the tongue, and is best when paired sweet, rich, and creamy flavors that cut through the ta...

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Refrigerate after opening.

Sugar, Cherries, Water, Pectin, Lemon Juice, Butter, Almond Extract. Contains: Milk.


This delicious jam packs an irresistibly tart flavor that makes a marvelous accompaniment to any of your favorite sweet treats.


This jam can be spread on your child’s PB&J, topped on your ice cream sundae, or be an exciting addition to your cheese plate.

Meet the Artisan

Anthony Leberto

Brimstone Bakery is run by pastry chef Anthony Leberto, a Sharon Springs local, whose preserves and baked goods celebrate the many influences that come together in traditional American baking.

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