Artichoke Scoop

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Artichoke Scoop

Artisan Rita Seiko Payne used slip casting on real artichokes to create these scoops. They’re perfect for portioning out dry goods like flour or rice, or placed on your counter and use...

Size: Small
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Small Scoop: 5.25" full length / 3" scoop width / 0.75" handle width / 1.5" scoop depth

Large Scoop: 6.5" full length / 3.5" scoop width / 1.25" handle width / 2" scoop depth

Appreciate the Bounty

Whether you have a green thumb or not, this unique scoop will remind you of how much bounty can come from the earth. Inspired by the beauties that come from the Beekman garden every year, this is both functional and decorative for your home.

Meet The Maker: Rita Seiko Payne

Through the method of slip-casting, Rita has been able to take items that would normally be disposed of and reveal their incredible textures and subtle edges, to remind us of what we can recycle, and of simple things done very well.

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