No matter what it looks like outside right now, Spring and Summer are just around the corner—and so is the release of The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook!

This is the third installment of our “Heirloom” series and includes all the things you’ve loved about the Heirloom Cookbook and Heirloom Desserts.

  • recipes that are simple to make with ingredients you can find
  • gorgeous photography of the farm and food by our friend, photographer Paulette Tavormina
  • a notes column on every recipe page so that you can make your own adaptations
  • organized by season
  • pages left in each seasonal section to include YOUR family’s own heirlooms
  • a book designed to be passed down to the next generation

See why Giada de Laurenttis called it one of her “most anticipated cookbooks of Spring“!

And Publisher’s Weekly called “a lushly illustrated collection packed with simple, delicious, and seasonal vegetable recipes that will have readers counting down the months to green shoots.”

And NPR said it was “coffee-table worthy

And the Washington Post says, “The Beekman Boys Make Vegetables Fabulous”

If pre-ordering the book is going to be just the cure for your winter blues, here’s how you can do it:

Order an autographed copy ONLY on BEEKMAN 1802, click here

by Josh and Brent

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I see that the autographed versions are not available on the site. is there anyway to special order a signed copy of the vegetable cookbook to complete my collection?

Kathleen Galati

A great book! Made the Stuffed Peppers on page 242 and you have to know it was good if DH came back for seconds!


I tend to love all things Beekman…like your last 2 cookbooks. BUT this vegetarian is very excited about this one (hopefully not too many recipes have meat thrown in…my family always tended to sneak meat into everything…bacon in the green beans, chicken broth in the mashed potatoes…you get the idea).

Dr. Brent

While not a vegetarian book (there are some recipes with meat), the majority of the recipes in the book are meant to highlight the best of all vegetables

Pamela Ketring

I would like to pre-order signed copies. At least one gift at Christmas for my daughters is kitchen items and I would love to add this to their gift this year. Two years ago I gave them recipe books handwritten by my mother and me of all our family favorites. This would be a wonderful addition to their kitchen shelf.