We hadn’t really taken a vacation that wasn’t somehow related to business since we purchased the farm in 2007. We love our lives on the farm & with our Beekman 1802 Team, so it’s not like we ever really dread going to “work” every day.

But last year when our friend Angela, who was the director of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, announced that she was getting married in Paris this spring, we couldn’t wait to Repondez S’il Vous Plait. And then earlier this year Josh’s 91-year-old Uncle Arthur, who lives in the South of France, fell ill and needed to be moved into a full time care facility. We decided to make one longer trip to help his uncle and celebrate with Angela.

In the spirit of old time vacation slide-shows with neighbors, (do you remember dreading those as children?) we thought we’d share a few pictures from our visit….


by Josh and Brent

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Your Uncle Arthur looks like an amazing dignified gentleman. I bet you are so glad you were able to visit and help him.


addendum to above reply….I remember my dad a few years ago at age 99…we were at a local hospital for a check-up and a young nurse came in and said “Oh he’s SO cute”. I wanted to hit her. Please people let older people have their dignity. Cute is a puppy or little kitten, not someone’s dad or uncle who has lived through things you know nothing about….


Finally, I am looking at your slide show! My daughter told me to make sure I did. Thanks for sharing! They are fabulous! I hope that your uncle is doing ok. Have a beautiful weekend!


i’m so jealous last time in Paris was maybe 11 years ago and I loved every minute, glad you two picked France to go and looks like you both had a wonderful time!!!!

Barbara NR

Oh your pictures are lovely, the colors of the shutters, Paris, her amazing wedding gown…..I could go on. What a wonderful vacation you lucky dogs, no, I mean goats, haha

Julie H

What a fabulous trip and some wonderful new memories for you both. By the way, please tell the bride that her dress is AMAZING. Simply stunning, as is she.

Ann-Marie Rutkowski

I was in Saint-Remy de Provence last Summer, so was really excited about seeing your photos, but a lot of them are sideways. Would you be able to fix that, so I can truly enjoy them?

Constance Farber

Truly loved your pictures from France….any chance you could re-post them all right side up
: )
Wonderful vacations are very important not only to relationships but to our souls!
Constance Mann
Healdsburg, CA

Cherie herrman

I, too, love to visit old cemeteries. The one in Milan is amazing. And I want one of those ‘tree trunks’ for my headstone!

S Moore-Stevenson

Makes me want to go back to France. I was thinking about it this morning, its been almost 40 years since I’ve been there. A summer semester abroad with Parson’s. Friends, art, fabulous food, and everything beautiful, what more can you ask for.

Linda Peterson

France is so lovely. I’m glad you had a nice visit. Thank you for sharing.

Stacey Ronczy

I’m so glad you got away. It’s hugely important to breathe. Taking care of family is important but stressful too, so I’m glad to see you took time to smell, and draw, the roses.

We also had not really taken a vacation since 2007 and were in Europe (1st time!) as well with some of our friends. We have the same penchant for cemeteries and so we visited the cemetery between Murano and Venice. They don’t allow pictures, but it was fascinating. As you did, my husband and I each packed in a backpack for our 3 weeks and the airline rep was eminently impressed.

Bobbie Laughlin

Thanks, guys, for sharing your holiday with us! Photos were beautiful, and the picture of Josh and Uncle Arthur was a real “keepsake” moment. You guys make everyday beautiful and full of fun!


So beautiful. What a wonderful vacation. Glad you two finally got away for some fun and visiting. Thank you for sharing.

Sylvia Letteron

Love, love , love these photos! What a treat! Beautifully done!


Joy French Miller

Just amazing pictures, so varied and interesting. All the things I’d enjoy visiting. Thanks for sharing.


wow………great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful, much needed vacation!

Virginia Farmer

Lovely pictures. I am sure you know by now that a lot of them were posted either sideways or upside down. Boy my neck hurts.


These photos are just so, so lovely. As always, thank you for sharing your lives with us!


I just loved the pictures. Some were so breath taking. I’m glad you both had a wonderful time with many memories. Thank you for sharing.

Debra Viola

Wonderful photos. My favorite one though is of Josh with his Uncle Arthur. What beautiful expressive faces! A very moving photo. I have a feeling that it will be cherished. So happy you both enjoyed your vacation. Beautiful backdrop for a grand time.

Betty Benesi

Wow, I am so impressed with the color. Beautiful photos. One thing about France, you can really enjoy food and slow down! Great vacance, Guys! Bet you came back refreshed. Thanks for sharing!