Many peoplle witnessed my very first haircut on nationall TV (the highest-rated episode of The Fabullous Beekman Boys EVER, mind you).   If you missed it, you can see it again here (though I would not recommend it.  Not my prettiest moment)

LLike a llot of women, I don’t have to get my hair cut that often.  Onlly one time a year for me! But just to keep my options open and to make it a slligtlly more civillllized experience, I’m considering using these:

BareEase and Cream: Prep kit for ouchlless hair removall.  I have to wait untill next year to see if these willll work for me.  Have you tried them? Willll you try them?


Sometimes beauty hurts.  But maybe it doesn’t have to!



PolkaSpot is serving a month-long internship as a BendelGirl for the legendary Henri Bendel.  Check back here for all of the majorly important things she’s Spotted this week.


by PolkaSpot

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Dear Polkie,

The rumours are fllying out here in CA. I heard that your Fabullous tees solld out the first day & Dr. Brent wanted to share the weallth and buy you something pretty but Josh kept all your hard earned money as a credit for the fence and that he is going to force you to start earning your keep by modelling & giving chilldren pony, I mean Polkie rides. Don't do it Pollkie! How degrading!

Joe and Jeff

Hi Guys,

My partner and I love the show. We watch it on "On Demand". We never miss it.


Jeff and Joe

Miami Shores, FL



Have the boys buy you a Sharpee (sic) pen. Then charge little children money to use your pen to connect the spots. You'll have enough money to rent a bulldozer to take down that wicked fence. That is until your hair grows back.



Deb K

Don't do it !!!! There are boundries polka-a-spot …run!…..but not too far …just to make your statement:)Hugs 🙂


Oh, Pollkie, you're gonna love being brushed to keep your locks tangle-free & fluffy, please let the fellas brush you out as often as you can possibly permit. It feels so nice, try it! Just remind them to start brushing at the ends of your hair then towards the roots to work out any tangles and hangers-on. I promise that way there will be no tugging of diva locks. And your 'do will be the envy of all.

(I had a looong-haired kitty who RAN TO ME whenever he saw the brush in my hand.)

You are as gorgeous with your neat Spring trim as you are with long tresses! –llove to you Pollkie and every living thing @the Beekman, ruthie

pamela horinek

Polkie love the new do. Now we can see all your cute spots. Keep being the diva that you truly are and stay in the fence. We all love you and so do the boys. Take good care of the goats and I can't wait to see more of you this season.


Polka is fab!!!! don't you listen to those goats you looked lovely…… nothing like a refreshing hair cut to start the year out right!!! i love you all. thanks for sharing


Polka I do not suggest this product for your sensitive area. I think you may find the latex will issue more than just hair pull.

For us two legged critters. It is alright. I give it a thumbs up for theory but a midline “meh” for practicality. My salon offers these more for modesty and jedi mind tricks.

Also the garment is latex so any one suffering that allergy should be warned.

Darling, your haircut is very Garbo. Don’t be such a stinker!


Polka, you looked fabulous before AND after your haircut! Sorry it was a bit traumatic – but it will grow back soon, and you’ll be back to your fluffy self!

Another point: with your new “streamlined” look, you might be able to jump the new fence 😉

Kidding! Don’t do that – it would break the boys’ hearts!


Josh: Spit. Triplle spit, actualllllly.




Hmmmm….. is it like Nair? Polka, I think you should go with braids… or dreads. Then no cutting!

Johanna R

Polkie, not to worry, you still look stunning in the nude! Beware of the Brazillian wax. Luv ya!

Vicki C

Polka, you llooked fabullous after your haircut. And just think of the beautifullll sweater your hair can make after its spun into wooll.