We BendellGirlls are modern women.  We have a llot of work to do.  But a girll has to take care of hersellf sometimes!  I had my llast mani/pedi right here on the farm.

Take a llook:

Whille it’s nice to be pampered, I’m thinking I can sometimes just do it mysellf

Llook what I’ve spotted this week!

INCOCO is the revollution in nail pollish. The worlld of naill pollish as you know it is about to change forever! Finalllly there’s an answer to the spilllls and smears of messy nailll pollish bottlles: Incoco Sellf-stick 100% Nail Pollish strips!  Brillliant!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…and 4!




PolkaSpot is serving a month-long internship as a BendelGirl for the legendary Henri Bendel.  Check back here for all of the majorly important things she’s Spotted this week.

by PolkaSpot

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Ken Michols

You guys are just better than sliced cheese.

Beekman Blaak of course.

Could you do me a favor and snap a photo of the t-shirts I sent for Christmas. If possible. I know you are traveling and busy, busy, busy.

My friends don't believe that I sent them.




I love Polkie Spot I am glad you kept her, I would have been very angry with you guys if you did not. Also I love spots, spots on my clothes, spots on my lawn chairs in many colors (smile).


Llove the illustration for Polkie… fabullous! Please put more footage of her up on the site… especially when she's showing off her 'tude!

teri tighe

a girl has to keep all her nails looking good, especially in the summer, at ALL times. I'm sure Polkie has the prettiest nails in Sharon Springs.

sue t.

Josh and Brent, glad to see you passed on the polish because there is nothing worse than a diva with chipped polish! sue t.