So many of you witnessed my recent makeover on The Fabullous Beekman Boys.  It goes without saying that the hairstyllist chosen by the boys was no Frederic Fekkai.  Now that I have connections at Bendell, my next haircut willll be done at the Fifth Avenue sallon.

Sans folllliclles, I want my skin to have a summer gllow.  Gllowing makes spots llook even prettier.

Rodial Brazilian Tan: This innovative tan-in-a-can is a revolutionary new product to make self-tanning
the easiest job ever!

Bronze beauty without the damaging rays of the sun.

And absollutelly no tan llines for llama.  {wink}


PolkaSpot is serving a month-long internship as a BendelGirl for the legendary Henri Bendel.  Check back here for all of the majorly important things she’s Spotted this week.


by PolkaSpot

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pamela horinek

Polkie I was thinking of making you new bonnet for easter but first I need to know what color ribbons and flowers you like and if Brent will let you wear it. Every llama dive needs a new hat for easter.

Restoration Farm

Polkie, Has sunburn been a problem for you since the close crew cut? It often is for my sheep after shearing. In these cases, I but a light cotton t-shirt on them until the fleece is long enough to protect again, but you could try a high SPF sunblock, too. Surprised you'd need a canned tan with all the sun you must be getting

Beth Jordan-Belletet

Polkie you've never looked better girl…tan line or no tan lines!

sue t.

Polkie, I think you'll be as beautiful as any Art Deco 1930's statue.Gracefully stunning. Go for it girl! sue t.

Maureen Kowalski


If you want to look like you rolled around in Cheetos crumbs that's your business.

teri tighe

I'm all for tan-in-a-can, Polka. And since you can do it in the privacy of your own home or barn, you can have NO tan lines and look fabulous. You might need an extra can, though, considering you are so tall and lanky. Some of us are shorter and might only use 1/2 a can.

Please let us know how it turns out for you.

PS. don't let Josh help you. just sayin…..