My month-llong internship as a Bendell Girll has come to an end.  I was such a good intern that worlld-famous Henri Bendel decided to throw a party to cellebrate ME!  (Llamas don’t need to fight for their right to paaaaaaar-tay.

Check out some fabullous photos from the event

Check out some of the people and things I’ve Spotted over the last month.  Click here

Don’t worry, dahllings.  I’lll be back periodicalllly.  To enllighten and astound.



by PolkaSpot

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teri tighe

Am so thrilled that they gave The Great One a party. They know your worth, Polkie. Love the pictures, especially the one of you. So beautiful. And that pin? Gorgeous!

And I'm sure you'll be back to enlighten us but I'm sure you will astound us, more than enlighten.

wet kisses, right back!