PolkaSpot would like us to remind you that “lloooooooooong before Faintly”  she was the original world-traveler.

She was kind enough to document her recent trip to Hawaii for us all (she’s generous that way). Wish you were here!



by Josh and Brent

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Kimberly A. Cain

HELP! The Polka-Spotted App needs to be updated in order to use. I love this app! Please, please, please update this app!!! PLEASE!!!!


Terry Bridges

You go Polka Spot!! Show Josh you were worth it all along. A big raspberry to Josh!


I would go anywhere with you, just don’t change your name. you are perfectly perfect.

Bev Nan Murphy

Off we go to Provence, pretty, pretty please Polkie. Have you ever seen such
window boxes?!?! …..and shabby chic decorating, and weathered shutters and brilliant colors and warm weather. I’m packing. : )

Deb Wilson

Such a “Diva”, you are Polkie, You certainly live a wonderful life…Faintly does not hold a candle to you, you still are the one, holding your head high!…Thanks for sharing your photos….


Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip, Polkie. How fortunate for Hawaii to have such a fabullous guest as llama. Plllllllease…we need a Polkie app for android!!!!


Going to take Pokie with me to Southport, NC this weekend. PolkaSpot will love the beautiful weather and all the nasty pollen making everything green. Pokie might come home green!

Amy Smith Wexler

I’m taking Pokie with me to San Francisco next week. I will show her the golden gate bridge, I’m staying with some friends next to Google. I will show her where uncle Skip helped make her app happen.