Llisten up. Llama Fosters Llama. Llama Needs You.

Polka Spot Fosters Rescue Llama. Bring your donations and come meet the Beekman Boys, Saturday January 29th from noon to 3 at the Beekman Mercantile on Main Street in Sharon Springs.

PolkaSpot came to Beekman Farm when she and her mother were adopted from a neighboring farm that was shutting down.

This is why when she heard the story about the Montana llama rescue mission, she HAD to get involved (She called her friends Angelina and Brad for advice)

Last week, 100 llamas were rescued from a bankrupt sanctuary in Montana and transported to the Northeast Llama Rescue in nearby Middleburgh NY. These llamas were near death from malnourishment and neglect. Evacuating the Montana ranch has become the largest animal rescue since Hurricane Katrina. There are still hundreds of animals that need to be saved.

Which one is Alistair?

The 100 llamas that arrived at the Northeast Llama Rescue are in dire need of your help. In order to survive long enough to be eligible for adoption, they will need intensive medical care and food supplies.

That’s why Polka Spot decided to do something. Today she volunteered to foster one of these llamas for the next year. His name is Alistair. Polka Spot will pay for his food, care, and medical expenses for the next year until he is healthy enough to be put up for adoption.

She likes to use her world-wide celebrity for a good cause.

Polka released a statement:

“Me llove me.

Me llove llamas.

Me hellp llamas.

You llove me.

You llove llamas.

You hellp llamas.”

It’s hard to argue with llama llogic.

Brent and Josh join Polka in encouraging you to save one of the Montana Rescue Llamas. For $500, you can foster a llama and provide for all its needs for the next year. You can do it yourself, or with some friends. You’ll also get to name your foster llama, and will receive its photo and microchip number.

If you’d like to come by and drop off a donation of any amount, both Brent and Josh will be at the Beekman 1802 Mercantile on Main Street in Sharon Springs from noon to 3pm on Saturday, January 29th. Please come by to say “hi,” and to drop off your donation.

If you’d like to foster a rescue llama, please contact the Northeast Llama Rescue by clicking here.

Please. Do it for Polka Spot. (Really, you don’t want her mad at you.)

To read more about the rescue efforts, visit here, or here.

Follow Polkie on twitter @llamapolkaspot

by Josh and Brent

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I llove llamas. I woulld llove to have my own but my husband will not let me. Congrats on your win.


let you? there is not let. tell him to suck it up. you do not need a husband who let’s you do any thing.

Wes Laraway

Hi Everyone. Don't forget about us…. There are still 55 out of the 100 llamas from Montana at Northeast Llama Rescue Center looking for homes.


My dog Danni(she's a Pinneranian) and I watched the marathon a couple weeks ago and Danni decided she wanted to try bounding around the yard like Polka spot and has been doing so ever since. It is really cute to watch.


Hi, i love Llamas also – and i love Polka-spot.

i have been telling everyone that will listen about the episode where Polka plays dead , but cannot find it anywhere to show them. I am willing to even pay to show them – can someone help point me to where it would be ? ive searched everywhere…

thank you!


I have a question. Can Polkie have a permanent friend? Or is she the diva kind of girl who would rather be alone at the top of the farm? I know the goats keep her company. I just did not know if Llamas are "companionable" in pairs at all.

Polka is MY Diva!

Michele L.

Thank you for sharing this! I just made a donation to NELR in support of the NY100 and in dedication to the wonderful work they group is doing to save these poor animals. I absolutely love llamas, love PolkaSpot and the show, and am happy to be able to help in some *small* little way.


Hi Guys and Polka Spot,

Our family will head over to the their website and make a donation in Polka Spot and Tina (from Napolean Dynamite) names. Thank you for the information! I will repost on my FB and Twitter.


I love you guys, Polka Spot and everything you do. I'm very proud of your efforts on behalf of the llamas in need and have just donated on paypal. Thanks and keep up the great work! Can't wait for season 2 🙂


Thanks you guys! I live up here in Montana and took a donkey. I'm so happy to hear you guys out in N.Y. have heard about this. Hope there is a lot of help out there…


Hi, Polkie,

Mama Llama and Drama Llama heard about your efforts, and instructed me to send a donation on their behalf. They were rescue llamas themselves and wanted to share with the Montana llamas. Diane


I have to wonder if Polka Spot will get attached to Alistair and miss him terribly if he's adopted? Since she is the only Llama on the farm, wouldn't it be nice for her to have a friend of her own kind forever?

Karen Prescher

Just wanted Polka Spot to know that we adopted 6 of the Montana Rescue Llamas and all 6 of the boys are amazing! They are scared, and hungry, but they are happy here in Texas. They have plenty of good hay, lots of clean water, and more love than they could ever ask for. We boarded 19 of the boys here on our farm before the remaining llamas went on down South. They arrived at 3 a.m. We cried as they unloaded to see their condition, even in the dark, it was apparent. I cried even more when daylight came. Please people, help if you can. These poor babies were so neglected, they need us all.

Dawnie C

OMG!!! Polkie

How did I not hear of this Fabulously un-selfish Llamatarian effort sooner?

I am going to rally the troops and see what I can do to help.

ellen b prosser

Please visit our fun fundraising site to benefit polkie dots friends, the NY 100. We feature blogs,links and photos all about the llamas. There are cool things to buy with the money going to NELR to help polkies' friends. If you want to donate or list something on the site, email me at [email protected]. Help us take care of all the NY 100 and make their lives better.the address is fortlucasfarm.com/rescue/ ellen


I don't use Twitter or Facebook, but happened to see a Twitter message about the llamas on the Beekman website. I sent a donation immediately. Beekman rocks. Looking forward to the Garden Festival in May.

Gayle from NELR

Hello, Polka Spot and all her fans. Thank you all so much from everyone at Northeast Llama Rescue … especially the "NY-100" llamas! Brent, it was great meeting you today!

Linda Schnell-Leonar

Sent in my donation today. Thank you for all you do Polka, you keep us grounded.




Willl Polka's status on Facebook change from "DIVA" to "IN A RELLATIONSHIP"? Alistair is one llucky llama!

I wish I could join you in Sharon Springs tomorrow, but it's a long way from Virginia. So I made a donation the old-fashioned way – over the internet. LLove and lluck to allll.

Teri Conroy

Thank you for linking my Farmlife blog above. If anyone is considering adoption – which would be WONDERFUL – feel free to contact me if you have questions or need mentoring. I believe the llamas at NELR will be ready for adoption by April/May-ish. The best way to know if some of these wonderful animals (llamas are the best!) are for you is to visit area llama farms. We love to share and teach.

Beekman Boys – You rock!

Amy J. Rice


Any donations are being accepted. To keep these 100 Llamas fed it is taking about 25 bales of hay per day, plus all the medical needs. I am not sure the price of hay in NY, but in Maine it is about $4.50 per bale. So even a $5 donation will feed 4 Llamas for another day 🙂


Do you have a PayPal account I could send a donation to? In memory of Burt the llama 🙂


Hi Dr. Brent, Josh and Polka spot. I got here from a post on Facebook by the good people at the NY Wildlife Rescue Center. This adoption thing is a great idea. I also wanted to let you know that I am running auctions at my website listed above to benefit these llamas. Most of the donors and buyers are Alpaca Breeders such as myself. So come on over to our website and take a look at our items. We've raised $1500 in just over a week!