A Facebook Buddy has been so inspired by Polkie’s onscreen antics that she has perfectly captured her spirit in rhyme!  It reminds us of the poems of Christina Rossetti.  PolkaSpot approves!!

The sun peeks it’s head
Over Clover Hill
And the goats are slowly waking.
The morning has come
To Beekman Farm
And the day is ready for taking.
Farmer John’s up
As the goats wander by
He’s given them all some fresh hay
They gather around-still sleep in their eyes
They’re ready to start a new day!
There’s Polka Spot- she comes sauntering up
To get her share of the hay.
She looks at the camera and gives us a wink
Then turns and just walks away.

–Ilene Baxter Martinez

by Josh and Brent

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I know Beekman is a working farm and the goats are there for the milk, etc.

Since I don't know much about animals, what do you get from a llama? Is it her milk?


Love, Love, Love Polka Spot! I love a true diva and she is definately one! Do you have t-shirts, hats or stuff animal of polka spot. My granddaughter can't wait until the show comes on to see Polka Spot and her first two words that she put together were polka spot and she gets so happy when we watch the show.

Love the show and I will be ordering the cheese and soap!

Ilene Baxter Martine

Where is Polka Spot?

Did you see her on goatcam?

Such a true diva.

Sarah Lemon

Anyone like Haiku?

Winter Approaches…

Will Josh and Brent sport hats of

PolkaSpotted Yarn?

(I love to knit!)

Ilene Baxter Martine

I love the idea of Polka Spot merchandise (especially the stuffed animal). Personally, I'd love to see some children's books. They could teach lessons (i.e. losing a friend…one of her goat friends moves to a different farm). I'm in!!

Todd K. Booth

Hi Brent and Josh, I was thinking that a Polka Spot stuffed toy would be a great addition to your mercantile store. These would definately sell by the dozen. It would be a great conversation piece.

My very best regards,


Noelle Odom

Greetings Beekman1802,

Polka Spot is adorable, do you have any Polka Spot merchandise., sweat shirts or t shirts would love to purchase these items.


Love this show! I watched it last week for the first time. I laughed so much I cried. Seeing Josh talking to Polka Spot was so funny….


Enjoy the show…Polka Spot reminds me of my llama I lost this past fall. His name was Bugle Boy…seeing Polka Spot makes me want to get another llama…I have 3 alpacas but they are not as friendly as the llama.

Ilene Baxter Martine

I’m watching on the goat cam-

As the goats lie down and rest.

The lazy days of summer

That no one can protest.

A few begin to stir

And start to nibble hay,

Some make their way outside

To romp and run and play.

Polka Spot makes an appearance-

As I hear one goat start to laugh

He turns to his friend and announces

“She looks like a baby giraffe!!”


Awww that poem is so cute! Would be perfect as a bedtime story. I also love it when she hops – that's a perfect description: like a pogo stick! Let's see Brent & Josh on pogo sticks sometime! She's soooo precious.

Natalie Rasumoff

Love the lama. A very silly animal!!!!!

Like to see the lama jumping up and down on all four legs like a pogo stick. Want to laugh out loud. Also love the animal when the lama never listens to Farmer John.