When you consider everyone a Neighbor, you have plenty of Christmas cards to send out. Luckily, we’ve partnered up with our REAL Capital Region neighbors at Pinhole Press to get our Christmas cards done. (Did you know that they’re based in Troy, NY?) They believe smiles are infectious. They’ve made it their mission to spread smiles with every photo gift produced. And they want to offer one of our neighbors a $200 gift code to their website, so that you can spread YOUR Christmas smiles this season.

Entering could not be easier. All you have to do is fill out the form below. For real – That’s it! Although, if you want to post in the comments and let us know what photos you’re using on your cards, we’d love to know! Contest closes December 15th at 12pm EST. A winner will be chosen on or around that time.

They’re also offering all of our neighbors 25% off a purchase when you enter the code BEEKMAN25 at checkout. For delivery by 12/24, you must order all photo gifts by Fri.,12/14.

To enter the giveaway, fill out the form below.

    By checking this box, I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and live in the USA. I give Beekman 1802 and Pinhole Press consent to occasionally contact me with relevant marketing material. I understand that my information will not be given to any additional parties.
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by Heather Sadlemire

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Jon George

You guys are our rocks. Look forward to your posts every day. This photo with Onder is great. We had to put my sisters black lab down this past weekend. We are all crushed. Keep those Onder photos coming. There s nothing more refreshing and honest that a black lab outside in the snow. Thank you Josh and Brent for all you do!

Kathy Van Lue

Using our annual family picture taken at a historic house in our town, at the breakfast with Santa.

Robin L Duke

This would be an Awesome gift. Have not seen our friends and family in over a year. Would make a nice gift to everyone.

Willa Caudill

I like Beekman products very much. I guess you might say that I am a little, or a lot addicted. I watch them every time I get the opportunity. I do so like the little goats. I like to keep a stash of items that I can give on a moments notice. What better could anything be than to give Beekman. So proud to call myself a neighbor.

Lydia Maldonado

I am happy to admit I am a Beekman neighbor for the past two years. I love the body creams, lotions, soaps,wipes & of course the shampoo! I get a kick out of the baby goats playing & jumping around. I already have a collection of boxes & I share the Love. God bless The Beekman boys, their farm, goats & their staff. Oh and we can’t forget Farmer John. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


I could watch these guys for hours every day unfortunately I haven’t got to try as many as their products as I would like but eventually sooner or later and I wish I could give their products to everyone I know f I only like using pure natural products on my body I’m a cancer survivor so using clean and healthy products is really important to me and I wouldn’t give anybody a product that I went use myself so not only are the boys and the goats adorable but their products are something I believe in.


How have I not heard about them? Right here in Troy, another of the new upstate hipster gathering places. Thanks!


I first tried your product yesterday and I am at WOW. Watched your airing today and ordered sets for my friends for gifts. After using my products I slept like a baby.

Mary Hirsch

I have enjoyed everything from Beekman and am waiting for the Bounty Box. I am so happy to get some good products from two caring human beings.

I am using the laundry soap and it is awesome. When using for my sheets I no longer itch at night. My clothes have never looked so good! Using the goat soap I don’t itch either!

Thank you all so much for such awesome products!

Kim Stenlake

Went to Pinhole Press’ website two weeks ago, based on you featuring them on your news feed. Got the most amazing spiral bound board book for my grandson (he’s autistic and loves books, but can be pretty hard on them). I can’t tell you how beautifully it came out. Head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever seen from the “bigger guys.” Thanks so much for telling us about them!

Edward VanhooseFincher

We have bought some beekman product and love it and this year we have bought more and pass out to people we love as Christmas gift


My family and I are huge Beekman 1802 fans/neighbors.

I am gifting Beekman for the holidays this year and love to see the joy on everyone’s face when they see its a Beekman 1802 gift!

Thanks for making excellent quality bath and home products .

Happy Holidays!

Martha Serrao


Joann Langlois

I adore Beekman 1802 soaps. I use the body lotion and the body cream every day. I have enough Beekman 1802 products to last me a LOOOOONG time!